As all of you know, we pride ourselves on only recommending great resources and tools for our community. So, when we heard that Henry Chen was offering a workshop, we thought we deserved it to you guys to announce it. Especially since he is only doing one this year and the seats are extremely limited.

Henry needs no introduction, but for those of you who may not know of him, just know that he is an extremely talented photographer. From lighting and shooting knowledge, to business and marketing skills, Henry does it all and does it quite well. His unique style of photography has earned him several awards from the WPJA and ISPWP. But, enough about Henry, if you need any more proof, then just check out his website and let his work speak for himself at

If you are too lazy to look, shame on you, but here are some examples anyway:

Anyway, before recommending any products, we always get our hands on them for review to ensure they are SLR Lounge Approved. Workshops are no different. We called Henry to get the entire workshop class content, and let us tell you, he isn’t holding anything back. We are reluctant to recommend a lot of workshops simply because they are often too expensive and lack concrete knowledge.

However, Henry’s workshop is not only modestly priced at $1000 for 2 full days of training, his workshop is going to cover virtually everything he has learned in the industry. From shooting, to workflow, to branding, to marketing, this 2 day intensive workshop is going to stuff you full of information. In fact, Henry even mentioned that it would be good to let everyone know the class is going to be two long and intense days. So to come prepared to take plenty of notes.

Now, to make sure attendees get the most of the class, the class is geared towards “beginner to intermediate” level photographers that are relatively new to the industry (1 – 2 years of experience).

In short, at only $1000 Henry’s workshop is an incredible value for two full days of intensive small-classroom instructions. So rest assured as it is 100% SLR Lounge Approved.

— Post Production Pye

For the rest of the details, please read his official announcement below.

Below is the excerpt from Henry’s blog where you can also register (

From shooting style and lighting to branding and maintaining a studio, join me in a two-day intensive wedding photography workshop at AVIA Hotel. The dates are set for 3/22-3/23 (Tuesday-Wednesday) from roughly 8AM until the late, late hours of the night.

This workshop is specifically for wedding photographers who are in the “beginner to intermediate  level, i.e. just got into the industry to being part-time or full-time for 1-2 years, and looking to take their business to the next level. We’ll go over every single aspect of wedding photography but more importantly tailor each part of the presentation to what you’re looking to learn. The following are only some of the things that I’ll be covering:

– How I approach a wedding and how/why I shoot what I shoot (settings, composition, posing, lighting, etc.).

– The importance of a consistent and high-end brand across your entire business and how to make the most of it.

– Entire workflow from start to finish (down to the nitty gritty details that will help you save time without sacrificing quality).

– How to get inquiries, respond to them, seal the booking, and getting referrals (exactly what/how/why I do this).

– And much, much more! You ask, and I will answer to the best of my knowledge :).

For photographers that are just starting out and want to learn the mechanics of using their equipment (what mode to shoot, what settings to use, etc.), I’ll have a special, 2-hour pre-workshop class from 8-10AM on the first day. That way, when the workshop officially starts at 10AM, the newer folks will be a bit more up to speed with the ones that have already been shooting for quite some time.

In addition, I’ll have a mock wedding/portrait session shoot during the afternoon of the first day with a couple (that are not models). The goal of this shoot is not just so we can all walk away with beautiful photos, but to actually see, learn, and experiment what it would be like to shoot an actual wedding; it’s the “how  and “why  as much as the “what .

I’ll show you how to get those more creative/artistic/abstract shots that you might’ve seen on my website/blog. And in doing so, I’ll demonstrate how I interact with the couple (how to make them comfortable, what I actually say to them, how I pose them, etc.). I’ll not only show you exactly what I do at a wedding or portrait session, but I’m also going to ask all the workshop attendees to participate and interact with the couple (no more standing in the background shooting as the instructor poses).

I’ll also share with you real-life scenarios that can play out at a wedding (harsh lighting, lack of time, shy couple, distractions from guests, etc.) and how to go about handling them. In a nut shell, you’re going to get a hands-on, behind-the-scene look at what goes on at a Henry Chen Photography wedding or portrait session. We will also do a low-light/night shoot during the evening of the first workshop day. Ever have questions about using off-camera lighting (be it strobes or video)? How to go about getting compelling getting ready/reception shots when available light is limited? Have no fear, Henry will go over all these details as well.

Since the location of the workshop, AVIA Hotel, is walking distance from my studio, I’d love to invite all attendees to come by the first or second evening and check out the place. This will give you a chance to look at the canvases, albums, and presentation setup that I’ve put together for client meetings. Also, I’ll go over in detail how I actually present everything to the client, including what has worked and what hasn’t.

In addition to the presentation lectures, shoots, and studio tour, I’ll spend at least an hour, if not more, with each workshop attendee individually and provide mentoring/coaching to them on their own business. This will take place during the evening of both workshop days. Whether you’re local to Long Beach or traveling from afar, I highly encourage you to make arrangements so you can participate with everyone else into the long hours of the night.

Out of the possible 48-hours, we’ll most likely be talking about wedding photography for a good 28-36 of that duration. In other words, don’t plan on getting much sleep. Starbucks is just right next door to my studio, so we have all the caffeine we’d need :).

Cost of the entire workshop is $1,000US. A 50% deposit is required to reserve a spot. The remaining 50% is due no later than two weeks before the workshop. Note: a reminder that this workshop is designed for TWO days so please make the necessary arrangements to attend both, as info covered on one day will most likely not be covered on the other. In addition, food is NOT included in the workshop fee, but there’s a ton of restaurants around Downtown Long Beach for all of us to choose from.

To officially sign up for the workshop, please click on this link.

I’m not a very good salesperson, nor do I want to hype up this workshop, but rest assure I’ll be doing everything in my powers to make sure you walk away with so much knowledge and motivation that you will want to breathe, eat, and just live wedding photography for many years to come. Plus, the investment you’d make in this workshop will pale in comparison to the amount of monetary profit you’ll gain from being a professional wedding photographer.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. Space is limited to 10 attendees. Additional information (where to meet, detailed agenda, etc.) will be provided in the coming weeks and e-mailed out to you. Thanks!

– Henry