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Workflow Article Coming | More Information

By Christopher Lin on July 22nd 2011


This article is not yet published, however you can find the video tutorials and the corresponding exercise files in the full DVD.

Please click here for more info on the Lightroom Workflow DVD

Workflow System DVD Features

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  • Over 50 videos
  • Nearly 7 hours of content
  • Step by step tutorials with a full menu system for easy navigation
  • Editable workflow checklist guides to track your progress
  • Full HD 1080p resolution videos
  • On-screen shortcut tooltips
  • Exercise files + the final working Lightroom 4 catalog so you follow along

DVD Table of Contents

For those of you that would like to see what is included on the DVD, see the following. Click here to purchase.

Chapter 1 – Introduction
1. Workflow Time Trial Teaser
2. Introduction to the Workflow DVD
3. Lightroom Foundation
4. Shooting Efficiently
5. Hardware Efficiency
6. Setting Lightroom Preferences
7. Setting Catalog Settings
8. Rendering Previews
9. Library Module Culling
10. Hacking the Lightroom Modules

Chapter 2 – Importing
1. Choosing a Catalog Workflow
2. Lightroom vs OS File Management
3. Single Catalog Workflow
4. Single Catalog Folder Management
5. Multiple Catalog Workflow
6. Standard Develop Preset
7. Standard Metadata Preset
8. Standard Import Preset
9. Importing from Hard Drives
10. Rendering Previews

Chapter 3 – Culling
1. Culling Rating Systems
2. Culling Out
3. Culling In
4. Workflow Overview
5. Culling the Portrait Session
6. Culling Personal Photos

Chapter 4 – Basic Processing
1. Basic Processing Introduction
2. Soft Portrait Color Preset
3. Soft Portrait B&W Preset
4. Vivid Landscape Color Preset
5. Vivid Landscape B&W Preset
6. Syncing Methods
7. Basic Processing
8. Basic Processing Part II
9. Processing Benchmark
10. Programmable Keyboards

Chapter 5 – Advanced Processing
1. Advanced Processing Introduction
2. Advanced Processing Portrait Session
3. Advanced Processing Travel Photos
4. Workflow + LR4 Preset System

Chapter 6 – Basic Processing
1. Renaming Images
2. Exporting for Print
3. Exporting for Web
4. Exporting for Slideshows
5. Exporting Reject
6. Exporting All Images
7. Archival

Chapter 7 – Wedding and Events
1. Wedding & Event Considerations
2. Correcting Time Stamps
3. Keywording Events
4. Culling Weddings
5. Processing Weddings
6. Exporting & File Management

Chapter 8 – Conclusion
1. Conclusion & Checklist Guide

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