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Woman Assaults Man for Flying A Drone On the Beach

By Ryan Filgas on June 8th 2014


As many of you know from previous articles, drone photography can be seen as a crime in the eyes of many, yet not all of the public still understands what is and isn’t legal. This issue becomes more muddled when drones are brought into the picture, as they have led to controversies and accidents such as striking the groom of a wedding in the head, a woman claiming harassment at the beach, Yosemite National park banning drones, and controversies regarding regulation with the FAA.

Recently the claim of harassment happened again, but the “victim” of this incident was in fact the attacker at a beach in Connecticut, take a look:

As someone who has written about the practicality of drones in real estate photography, and read dozens of articles about their potential uses, this event seems completely unreasonable, and she had no right or entitlement to try to get this man arrested. After the incident the police didn’t believe him until he later showed them the following video.

This is a good note to drone photographers to have a phone camera ready should this happen to you, as well as to raise public awareness that drones and photography aren’t a crime. What are your thoughts?




Ryan Filgas is an aspiring portrait photographer and studio arts major at Humboldt State University. His life consists of talking with friends, taking classes, and planning his next outdoor adventure. You can find his work on his website, Facebook, Google+, or connect with him via email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Paul Blacklock

    Wow, took a video from the victim for cops to believe a woman really assaulted a man.

    yet we hire woman for police officers, firefighters, security guards, army, and so many demanding jobs.

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  2. Kurk Rouse

    All kinds of crazy there

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  3. Tyler Friesen


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  4. David Park

    This is ridiculous! Lucky things didn’t escalate even further.
    And thank god he recorded. Who knows what would have happened if he didn’t have solid evidence.

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  5. Charles

    If she had assaulted me like that, I would hire a lawyer and sue her.

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  6. Mike

    There’s always two sides to a story and personally I think both of them were terribly immature. The writer states “drones and photography aren’t a crime”. They can be. At the very least the use of drones can be deemed inappropriate and/or irresponsible. Flying a drone on a populated beach is not a very smart thing to do IMHO. The woman went overboard no doubt but I’d be willing to bet anything that she wasn’t the only one who was at least uncomfortable with a drone flying overhead. In a civilized society there are some limits to what people can and cannot do and this has always been the case. If it wasn’t, we’d have chaos. This applies to photography as well. Very soon I fear we will be photographed and videotaped everywhere we go and no place will be totally private.

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  7. Dan

    I would agree with Gord. The English language has suffered to a point that it’s almost a whole different language.

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  8. Michele

    That woman is crazy. I feel bad for that man and any other man in a situation like that with a woman.
    She acted sick-pulling on his mouth, etc. I hope she went to jail.

    | |
  9. Ron

    Do any of you ever proof read your comments before you post them? Wow.

    | |
    • Gord

      No they don’t. It certainly makes them look like uneducated morons. Schools and parents where I live have failed to teach even the basics of the english language. The only thing they are teaching now in schools is how to raise money for other causes like food drives, physical endurance marathons and collecting money for poorer countries. I have nothing against these but we need to get back to the basics before venturing into other venues that distract from the education they need(obviously).

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  10. Aaron

    So that lady is crazy, and I can’t lie, if I would have been him I don’t think I would have so much as hit her, but tried to put her into some kinda joint lock or something. I sorry but if you attack me Im going to defend myself. Maybe it would have ended badly for me but I would stop her from attacking me.

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  11. Nexus

    If this woman attack me is such a manner, I’m sure I would have knocked her teeth out!
    – act like a man get treated like a man –

    | |
    • Nathan

      I know lots of men who don’t act like that. It’s more apt to say “Act like an irrational, violent ***hole, get treated like one.”

      | |
    • MC

      So lets say the kid did fight back and in doing so injured the woman. He most assuredly wouldn’t have been able to video it as he would’ve been using his hands to “knock her teeth out” and it was stated in the article that the police already didn’t believe him until they saw the video so… he would’ve been charged with assault instead of her. Is that an acceptable out come just so he could act like a man?
      -some men have brains-

      | |
    • prabir

      There is a reason why did that and why dint beat he shit out of that women and for that very same reason the women got arrested. Do you think if he would have beaten the women, the cops would have left him or hear to his apathy??? absolutely no. This is a women centric world. You hit a woman and you are straight to jailed. Better dodge that and indirectly get her arrested. He is much clever then you Nexus. Some matter is solved by brain and not by sheer strength. :)

      | |
    • robert

      to knock her out, that would be my instinct as well, but really in the end, I would suffer from that.

      I dont if he was smart or just wimpy or scared or whatever in assaulting her back, but here I think he can make money off of her.

      I would feel very emasculated though if I didnt defend myself though. but thats my male ego talking. being assaulted by a women.. but im a big guy, she would not be so quick to put her hands on me. the kid is young so she took advantage of that. bitch

      | |
    • Mike

      @MC: Yes some men have brains but in the nether regions.

      | |
  12. Corum

    The woman was also arrested for assault by the cops.

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