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Witness Joe Capra’s Ambitious 10K Panoramic Timelapse of Los Angeles

By Shivani Reddy on October 26th 2016

The LA skyline doesn’t quite have the same “magic” that other downtown cities exhibit. It only looks striking from specific angles such as scenic lookouts that are saturated with tourists, or aerial helicopter views that give the illusion of grandeur.

That being said, like any downtown metropolis, LA is evolving and proliferating at unexpected rates, making it an ever-changing subject, forcing you to approach these repeated viewpoints with a fresh perspective.downtown-la-timelapse

Joe Capra, photographer and cinematographer, brings us yet another prolific timelapse of a city in need of his creative vision. A couple of months ago we featured Capra’s incredible 100 Megapixel 12K timelapse of Los Angeles shot on a Phase One XF IQ3, which raked in 197K views due to its mesmerizing resolution.

Just because he can, Capra decided to outdo himself with his next venture: a Panoramic timelapse of Los Angeles, that, when stitched together, creates a whopping 10K x 4K resolution. Transporting us to both the popular and unconventional sights of LA, Capra masterfully captures the vast beauty that Los Angeles and California have to offer.



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What initially started off as a contracted job from a client turned into an ambitious and challenging endeavor that not many have attempted in the past. So, Capra purchased some new gear and set out to local testing locations in Malibu.

The initial shots were successful so I continued shooting/testing for the next couple weeks. At that point I had acquired a few good test shots to show the client and sent them over to them. Long story short, I never heard back from them about the project, but I kept shooting anyways. If it was not for that failed job/project I probably would have never got around to giving panoramic timelapse another try.

The video was shot over the period of two years entirely in true panoramic form using two synced DSLR cameras side by side. He fought through untimely weather conditions and repetitive visits to the same locations to get the shots he needed. Unlike his previous feat, this venture was not to showcase resolution, it was more so to highlight panoramic footage, using a custom built rig and telephoto lenses to compress scenes and stitch them together.

He managed to take 72 disconnected suburbs and ‘stitched’ them into one unifying city.


Canon 5D Mark III cameras
2 of each Canon 24-70mm24-105mm, and 70-200mm lenses
Custom built panoramic rig
Custom dual trigger intervalometer


Kessler Crane TLS with Second Shooter




Follow more of Joe’s work on Instagram, Facebook, and his Website.

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