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Winner of the Bokeh Challenge for $250 Gift Credit to B&H

By Christopher Lin on January 7th 2013


Congrats to Lauree Jane Photography for winning the Bokeh Challenge! We chose this image based on a number of factors. First off, this image is a great example of bokeh, with the beautiful Christmas lights and holiday ornaments behind the cute subject. We also love the lighting and expression on the baby, and the post production is clean and tasteful. The image has a very universal, timeless appeal.

My IVF Miracle’s First Christmas by Lauree Jane Photography

Honorable Mentions/Runners Up

The decision was a tough one. We had dozens of high-quality entries upon which we deliberated for hours. While there are no prizes or official awards for these photographers, we thought it was worth mentioning their names and showing their images. Thanks for participating! We will have more contests and prizes coming up soon, so be sure to stay up-to-date on our Google Plus page!

Die Heute | Beauty Bokeh by Clay Cook Photography

Magnolia Blossom by Travis Wyatt Photography

Oman in Bokeh by Terence Pereira Photography

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Andrew Sible

    Hi, thanks again for the contest and congrats to the winners.

    I, like “Niceguy,” would like to mention that it would be good if you could keep the rules as they are when written.  I understand mistakes but very late in the game you changed the rules after lots of entries were made, maybe even mine and I was one of the last entries.  I then noticed all kinds of changes and the results were posted quite later than the choosing date that was mentioned.  I.e. originally it was a tutorial contest with emphasis on facebook likes, then both of those rules were snuffed (they should have been from the beginning but changing halfway through kills so many entries)

    Did you actually post this on January 7th?  Because when I searched one week ago, according to my confused post on the challenge, I don’t believe there was anything here, but all of a sudden you’ve jumped back in time and there are results?

    Perhaps I’m just confused because of all the links.  I would love to know what happened there though.

    | |
  2. J F

    Not sure of the criteria but the “magnolia blossom” is far and away the most interesting image of the group. “beauty bokeh” is a lovely image but doesn’t emphasize bokeh very much. The winning photo is well shot but boring, I feel like I’ve seen it a hundred times before.

    | |
  3. Niceguy

    Congratulations to the winners. In the future it would be great if you guys stuck to what you said in the rules.
    The rules stated, “The winner will be chosen based on the quality of the tutorial and not the quality of the image”, so not sure how the winners were picked.

    | |