As most of you know, the Jowling for a Kelly Moore Bag competition was cut a little short due to the company who runs our contest plugin having a full server failure.

So we are concluding the contest as of the date of the crash based on how many votes were submitted at that point. This means that Melissa Sievers was our winner with nearly double the votes of the closest competitor!

Here is Melissa’s winning entry:


Not sure if Melissa planned it to look like her cat punched her in the face, but I would like to think that is one of the reasons Melissa got so many votes ;). So congratulations Melissa on winning a Kelly Moore Bag!

Since the competition ended early, all of the other participants with a submission prior to the competition ending will get a $25 UNDFIND gift certificate.

Thanks everyone, and keep your heads up for the next competition!

Here are some of the other awesome entries! Enjoy!


Jowling with Flava – By Gavin Holt

danielle-becker-jowlingThe Framed Jowl – By Danielle Becker