We love our DSLR’s, but in many cases they simply do not have this feature or that feature and that leads us to looking for ways to do things we want to do. One common way to get around certain camera flaws is to use a custom firmware that enables such a feature.

Probably the most popular example of this is the Magic Lantern firmware available for canon cameras. This is a third party firmware that adds many features to supported canon camera, but the software itself is not third-party (aka not from Canon).


Our friend Udi over at DIYPhotography recently did a very interesting article where he contacted Canon, Nikon and Panasonic to see if using such a third party firmware would void the warranty. The answers were both surprising and unsurprising. While Canon said No, both Nikon and Panasonic said yes. You can check out the full post here to see all the details.

I think that this is pretty interesting, and very cool news for Canon users. But as a Nikon user I am a little disheartened, I mean its not like there are many worthwhile Nikon hacks out there – but if there was one I wanted to use I would like the option without completely voiding my warranty.

Should camera makers be more open with the software running their cameras? Should custom firmwares be more readily available and even encouraged by the camera makers? Let us know what you think in a comment below.