Written by Matthew Saville
Lin & Jirsa Associate Photographer
SLR Lounge Editor

Canon 5D mk2, Canon 85 f/1.2 L, Tripod
Sunset, Joshua Tree National Park


We are just days away from Canon’s next announcement, possibly.Most rumors are pointing to a 22 megapixel, 6-8 FPS, flagship-AF camera that truly does blow the previous 5D mk2 out of the water.

However, since Canon recently merged the 1D and 1Ds lineups into the lone 1DX, …will Canon offer ONLY TWO full-frame cameras in this next generation?Will it be just the 18 megapixel 1DX, and a ~22 megapixel 5D mk3?Or is there a SECOND affordable / semi-pro camera up Canon’s sleeve for 2012?Canon Rumors seems to think so…

I always like to look at what is historically common.Previously, Canon had two flagships (1D mk4 & 1Ds mk3, ableit one was 1.3x crop) and one “prosumer” full-frame (5D mk2).Nikon, on the other hand, had 2-3 full-frame flagships, (D3, D3s, D3X) …and one “semi-pro” full-frame.(D700)

To me, whichever way you look at it I think that both Canon and Nikon have the CAPACITY to design, fabricate and deliver three high-end cameras at the same time.And now that Canon appears to have merged their previous flagship lineup into a single $6,800 camera, that DOES leave quite a gap to fill between the $2400 5D mk2

So personally, I think the rumors are true.The rumors currently flying, which state that Canon has both a “5D mk3” as well as a “5DX” up it’s sleeve.The question is, what specs will each camera have, when will they be released, and how much will they cost?

I think we’re going to see the 22 megapixel model first, because it is the most rumored / leaked right now.It will probably cost $2700 or $3300, and it ought to have some sort of flagship AF and decent speed.Either the 1DX’s brand new AF, or at least the previous 1-series AF, the 45-point one, (Still GREAT!) …and it will have 6-8 FPS.Personally, I’m hoping for the 1DX flagship AF, but I dunno if the camera will be able to pull of more than 6-7 FPS. (Still more than enough for weddings and portraits!)

The question is, what will the other model look like?Well, I think THAT is the model that will “chase” the new Nikon D800.Megapixel race and all.With Canon’s “reduction” to 18 megpapixels in their flagship 1-series, and the extremely conservative 21->22 megapixel jump in their highest resolution sensor, … I bet Canon has38-40+ megapixel sensor in the works.Canon isn’t going to give up it’s long-standing megapixel crown to Nikon so easily, if you ask me. We just won’t see such a camera until later this year, or 2013 even.

Rumors however are saying, mid-2012, possibly even before summer time!That would be quite impressive, and I’ll believe it when I see it.In the meantime, I just thought you should know, in case you see Canon’s current offerings and get confused or feel left out.Don’t worry!This year is a big year for Canon, and next year is likely to be another big year.