We are put through a unique type of torture when forced to deal with loss of clarity and shift in color when either shooting outdoors or in that formidable fluorescent lighting. Dealing with strong, prominent light flares and tinted light sources forces you to tweak your camera settings or modify your artificial light source, but what if there was a product to make these problems vanish?


We know the UV and IR light bands are found at the ends of the spectrum can’t be seen by the human eyes, but camera sensors can pick them up, and they cause all sorts of oddities to occur in an image, like color casts. The traditional IR and UV filters have been used to temper these problems but they can go too far in the other direction, perhaps making matters worse. UK based Lens creators SLR Magic have pulled from their sleeve the Image Enhancer (IE) Pro, a filter devised to “change the spectrum to look natural in complicated lighting situations” and rid your images of IR contamination and color shift.

What causes these issues & How will the IE Pro help?

Image from Newsshooter
Image from Newsshooter

Light coming from the infrared and ultraviolet parts of the spectrum are read differently by digital sensors than the human eye. “It changes the relative spectrum values between 200nm and 1200nm” maintaining natural balance of the spectrum for both photography & cinematography, even though SLR Magic is known for its stock of cine lenses.

Shot using a Panasonic GH4
Shot using a Panasonic GH4

According to Newsshooter’s interview with Andrew Chan of SLR Magic, the filter’s color correction shapes the spectrum to a curve they believe is accurate, using “around 50 different layers or coatings” which doesn’t necessarily make things sharper, but adds clarity.

Do You Believe in (SLR) Magic?


As per the company’s claim, the IE Pro is designed to “help increase image clarity and restore color shift issues introduced by light contamination beyond the visible spectrum to digital sensors” and can be used in conjunction with an ND filter just so long as it is of high quality and doesn’t have existing issues.

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The IE Pro will be available from re-sellers starting in October and is offered in sizes of 52mm ($70) and 86mm ($100) to fit almost all variable ND’s on the market.

Watch Newsshooter’s video footage & talk with Andrew Chan of SLR Magic at BIRTV 2016 in Beijing:

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