Most of the rumors are still forecasting the 5D Mark IV not being announced until late summer at the earliest, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t getting some interesting news about it.


According to a new report over on Canon Rumors, the Canon 5D Mark IV may feature the same dual-channel readout that was just introduced in the new Canon C300 Mark II. In case you are not aware, this is basically a hardware implementation of what Magic Lantern developed in their software. The idea here is that this technology increases the dynamic range of the camera/sensor.

This could be a sign that the 5D Mark IV will be capable of recording 4K video, though there has been no rumors or confirmation of that. It would seem likely that the 5D IV features 4K recording since that is one of the biggest ‘buzz features’ a camera can have currently. We are talking about Canon, so who knows.

What are your thoughts on this dual-channel readout tech? Would you like to see it implemented in the next 5D? Leave a comment below and let us know!

[Via Canon Rumors]