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Will The 5D MkIV Feature Tech From The New C300 MkII?

By Anthony Thurston on April 11th 2015

Most of the rumors are still forecasting the 5D Mark IV not being announced until late summer at the earliest, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t getting some interesting news about it.


According to a new report over on Canon Rumors, the Canon 5D Mark IV may feature the same dual-channel readout that was just introduced in the new Canon C300 Mark II. In case you are not aware, this is basically a hardware implementation of what Magic Lantern developed in their software. The idea here is that this technology increases the dynamic range of the camera/sensor.

This could be a sign that the 5D Mark IV will be capable of recording 4K video, though there has been no rumors or confirmation of that. It would seem likely that the 5D IV features 4K recording since that is one of the biggest ‘buzz features’ a camera can have currently. We are talking about Canon, so who knows.

What are your thoughts on this dual-channel readout tech? Would you like to see it implemented in the next 5D? Leave a comment below and let us know!

[Via Canon Rumors]

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  1. Lester Terry

    Nice info

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  2. satnam singh

    4k they will make 5d more expensive!

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  4. adam sanford

    As the 5Ds rigs are essentially 7D2 sensors covering a full-frame, their high ISO performance and dynamic range will be underwhelming for FF shooters.

    So for those screaming at Canon for more dynamic range and better high ISO performance, the 5D4 (and 1DX replacement) will be your best bet. Whether they pull a C300 / Magic Lantern sort of hack to do this, simply produce a finer sensor overall or *buy* a sensor (which would never happen on a flagship product like this), Canon has to improve here.

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    • Derek Schwartz

      As a Canon shooter (with a 7D mk1, nonetheless) I wholeheartedly agree with your Adam. At the same time, in a market where Canon keeps posting “we’re top dog!” quarter after quarter, I’m not sure they’re feeling enough pain as yet in order to do the sane thing and make big improvements in what a lot of people have been asking for: higher DR, better ISO performance, and reasonable MP counts. I guess we’ll see in a few months, with luck.

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    • adam sanford

      Derek, a plausible story of a three 5D camera future just dropped on CR:

      1) 5Dc with low MP + high ISO (think a7s but in a 5D body)
      2) 5D4 as an all-around do-it-all (a la the D750)
      3) 5Ds/5DsR that were just announced: High MP + low ISO

      However, the *specs* of said rumor are giggleworthy. 12 FPS on the 5D4. Never going to happen. But I do believe the 5D line will go to specialty school before too long and split it’s identity for film people, all-arounders, and high-res detail folks.

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  5. Daniel Lee

    Personally I’d be surprised if the 5D4 had 4K video. Canon seem to like to have a distinction between their bodies so each one has its unique selling point. I guess if the C300 sells really well then maybe they won’t see adding 4K to the 5D4 a threat to its sales.

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