The creative process is often a soul siphoning endeavor that requires an intellectual and emotional fortitude that many of us do not develop. We avoid the seemingly endless drudgery of our craft in pursuit of those things that possess more appeal, yet, it is the aversion to this experience that pillages the process of the value that would be reaped at its end.

For many reasons, this has described me and I am sure that it applies to many of you as well. If you need to some encouragement to endure what needs be to done to scale the palisade of complacency, here is a video by Simon Cade to provide a bit of  motivation.

“We may never truly accept compliments about our work because we’re too busy agreeing with our critics.”


Living life while constantly pursuing perfection is a hard way to live because you will obsess over your work and will be intimately knowledgable of it’s shortcomings.

“Before and after every great idea, someones got to say that’s still not good enough.”

Simon posits that this critical approach is the driving force behind great work and that it is necessary that we take this approach to our own. I agree.


This is a well thought out theory which is told in an engaging fashion that reveals to us that Mr. Cade has put into practice the very thesis he set forth. In some way, each of us is currently on a quest to create something that we can stand back from and deem “good” or “perfect”. However, that journey can be long and arduous leaving us weary and resigned to accept a standard that is lower than what we held ourselves to when we began. I hope this article and video serves as your inspirational supplement for today as you strive for greatness.