Jeff Hutchens is an award-winning photojournalist who grew up across the U.S., China, South Africa, and the Philippines. After ten years on the road for magazines such as Time, National Geographic, and the New York Times, Hutchens decided to turn his career towards a more visual medium. Thus, short films such as “X, Y” were born.

”X, Y”: NYC Dancers Caught in the Beauty of Thermal Signature

“X, Y” is a truly gorgeous short film, featuring NYC dancers Jessica Lamdon and Henry “Ry ‘El” Velandia. One important caveat about this short—it was filmed entirely with a FLIR thermal camera to capture the dancers’ thermal signatures.

And the result was nothing short of stunning. The way these two dancers move can only be described as pure bliss in motion. And with the added depth of the thermal imaging, it almost makes you feel like you’re tapping into both the passion and the pain. What’s even more amazing is the entire film was composed of “lyrically improvised choreography”.

“It’s a pretty unusual aesthetic, about as ethereal as it can get,” Hutchens told PetaPixel about the short.

We highly recommend watching the video, though certain scenes might be considered NSFW. And if you’re as impressed as we were, check out more of Hutchen’s work on his website. Or give his a follow on social media at his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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