White Balance and Color Calibration Chart Giveaway

July 16th 2013 10:47 AM

Announcement! The winner of this has been chosen. Congrats to ELIZABETH TAE for her comment below. She was randomly selected as the winner!

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This time, let’s give away the following:

DGK Color Tools DKC-Pro 5″ x 7″ Set of 2 White Balance and Color Calibration Charts with 12% and 18% Gray – Pro Quality – Includes Frame Stand and User Guide

How Do I Enter?

Entering is easy! Just follow the steps below:

1) Subscribe to our Youtube Page:

2) Comment below

Be sure to include: a) your name and b) a random thought!

Suggestions: the weather in your city, “hello,” what you are doing today.

That’s it! We’ll select 2 random winners (via a random number generator) at the contest’s end on Thursday July 30th, 2013 at 11:59pm. Winners will be announced and notified within two days of the contest’s end.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES: Gain 1 additional entry by following SLR Lounge on Twitter and tweeting any of the following:

  • “@slrlounge GIVEAWAY for White Balance and Color Calibration Charts”

What Exactly Do I Get?


  1. Pro version of our popular DKK Card
  2. The color patches are 100% coated with DGK’s n-Chrome process, allowing for a much higher level of color saturation, luminance, and accuracy, while getting rid of metamerism.
  3. Includes 2 DKC-Pro Cards – Each with Precision 12% and 18% Gray reference for white balance plus 18-Color patches for superior digital color correctio
  4. Includes convenient paper frame folder to protect the card surface and allow easy tabletop display during use. Card slides into folder from the side.
  5. Detailed instructions included for Picasa , Photoshop Lightroom , Photoshop Elements and Photoshop


Co-Founder of SLR Lounge and Photographer with Lin and Jirsa Photography, I’m based in Southern California but you can find me traveling the world. Click here to connect on Google +

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  1. 1

    Every little bit helps.

  2. 1
    Eric Deschamps

    Cool, I could use that!

  3. 1

    Nice little tool :)

  4. 1
    Nikesh Patel

    Learning photograph has changed the way I look at world, its amazing how a moment is captured and preserved in a picture.

  5. 1
    Jon Ellis

    It is so hot in london my camera has melted…

  6. 1
    Bryan Black

    Lets see here… the weather is a nice crisp 67 degrees with some wind on a bright sunny day.

  7. 1
    Allan Torres

    Thanks for all the tips !

  8. 1

    Love this site!!!

  9. 1
    marcel bauer

    love SLR lounge, great stuff!

  10. 1
    Derrick S

    “You cannot depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus” – Mark Twain

  11. 1

    a) oscar
    b) at work, filling out this lovely form for a fantastic free be!

  12. 1
    David Superville

    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

    • 1

      Name: Charles
      Random Comment: There is no spoon…

  13. 1
    Wallace Porter

    Very usefull gadget

  14. 1
    Abraham P

    Woot! Giveaways!

  15. 1

    Want one!

  16. 1
    gregory Hitchcock

    It’s warm in Iowa today, I could sure one of these cards.

  17. 1

    a) Jaque
    b) impressed with this website and in need to win this calibration! :)

  18. 1
    Brad Lovell

    Its always beautiful in Birmingham Alabama! Roll Tide!

  19. 1


  20. 1
    Colleen MacMillan

    a) Colleen
    b) Had a fantastic 4 mile run today.

  21. 1
    Justin R

    Hmm . . . a random thought. I once considered donating my hair (when it was long) to get some extra money for sushi.

  22. 1
    Akira Schuettler

    Germany is a great country.

  23. 1
    Giancarlo Bruno

    Visca el Barça! Visca Catalunya!

  24. 1

    Hot and humid in Chicagoland

  25. 1

    Rain in the area

  26. 1
    Shawn Gavlick

    Hot and dry in Colorado, so I started a blog at

  27. 1
    Anthony R. Miller

    I’m hungry… I sure would love to make use of those cards!

  28. 1
    Bob McClenahan

    I lost my Color Checker, so I need this.

  29. 1
    Gabriel Mora

    Not only SLR Lounge rocks but this giveaway truly would make adore you guys even more :-) …. love the LR4 + 5 Presets + brushes… totally awesome! (I don’t mean to kiss butts to win, it’s the truth… if I win, well, that’ s just a bonus)

    • 1
      Gabriel Mora

      BTW… did I mention I also own the Undfnd bag system? … That should tell you how much I follow your advices :-)

  30. 1
    Eamon Wall

    We’re into our 3rd week of, very unexpected, sunshine and high temperatures here in Ireland. The photographers among us have no excuse for not going out and capturing bright interesting images. Let’s make the most of it!

  31. 1
    Jesse Martens

    A) Jesse Martens
    B) trying to think of something random takes too much thought, but i guess those chips i ate today were pretty good.

  32. 1

    It’s a beautiful day in Tel Aviv
    Thanks for the givaway
    Have a great day !

  33. 1
    Bob Mulholland

    A) Bob Mulholland

    B) I love obstacle course race photography!

  34. 1

    This is Andreea, wish you a sunny day!

  35. 1
    Tom Mulder

    Hi, the charts would be a nice addition to my D800

  36. 1

    Hey SLR Lounge, love your new logo! hope i get a chance to win…

  37. 1
    Nick van der Touw

    Loving the new look of the website. Was a pleasant surprise!

  38. 1

    No random thoughts here! Just saw the new Magic Lantern update for the 5D MIII and can’t believe what those guys are doing!

  39. 1
    Johan tholome

    No more
    Of the bad color
    With the chart,
    Let’s make some art…

  40. 1
    Kirk Grodske

    Shouldn’t I be asleep already?

  41. 1

    rainy here, yet again, tired of all the gray in the sky, but would love it on a photo card

  42. 1
    Tiago Lessa (@tiagolessa)

    hello! just woke up and got my hands on “Master Shots” by Christopher Kenworthy, everyday learning!

  43. 1
    Tyler Brown

    Thanks for this contest.

  44. 1
    Michael Krochter

    would be nice to have this item in my kit…

  45. 1
    Caleb Simmons

    I’m happy the Blackhawks took home the Stanley Cup.

  46. 1

    a) Chloé from France
    b) Thanks for the chance to win!! I love your site, thank you for the amazing tips, advices, inspiration and education!!

  47. 1
    Suzanne O

    It’s 84 degrees, with a heat advisory here. I’d love to win a cool prize.

  48. 1

    Now I can really play with colors.. Or can I?
    Only 1 way to find out..

  49. 1
    Sergiy Byalyk

    Street photography or head shots? That is the question.

  50. 1
    Timmy Liu

    Hot, Hello, Working

  51. 1
    Chas Venter

    A White Balance and Colour Calibration chart! a White Balance and Colour Calibration chart! My kingdom for a White Balance and Colour Calibration chart.

  52. 1

    feels like 42 Celcius fdsafdsafdsa

  53. 1

    It’s another hot one today folks.

  54. 1
    alicia piper

    hello from nashville!

  55. 1
    John Phillip Santos

    Its time to be precise in colours

  56. 1
    Krisztian Kis

    Yeah! Let’s Calibrate!

  57. 1

    /color calibrated

  58. 1
    Johan Bäckius

    Love your Lightroom Preset System, cheers!

  59. 1
    Grant Lechner

    Grant Lechner

    Be right back… Ice cream truck!!!

  60. 1
    James wilson

    I could use that,thank SLR Lounge.

  61. 1
    Kevin Galbreath

    Hey there….confusing weather in Arlington Texas. Raining in July!!!!

  62. 1
    Toqi Tahamid Prithi

    Hello from Dhaka !

  63. 1

    It would be awesome to win this!

  64. 1
    Heather Stauffer

    pretty spifftacular :)

  65. 1
    hector pinedo

    sure is muggy in seattle

  66. 1
    Kristin Macdonald

    How awesome it would be to have this!

  67. 1

    Its A hot 88 here in Davenport,
    I am starting work on a new video Project

  68. 1
    Björn Lubetzki

    So many different colors

  69. 1

    Jonathan here and I have only one sock on

  70. 1
    Dexter Maneja

    drinking cappuccino and sleeping after… ^_^

  71. 1
    Crysta Walker

    a) Crysta
    b) Sure is a hot one today!!!

  72. 1

    Hot and smoky here from the Southern CA wildfires.

  73. 1

    Well, here goes nothing.

  74. 1
    Greg Letiecq

    Awesome. I love these charts. Takes all the guessing out of the equation. As for weather, well, it happens.

  75. 1

    What a great giveaway !

  76. 1
    Jody Cooley

    T-shirts and two different swimsuits make for some funky tan lines.

  77. 1

    Handy tool..

  78. 1
    Elizabeth Tae

    Red is not blue.

  79. 1

    That would sure come in handy on all my shoots!

  80. 1

    It’s sunny outside but I’m inside retouching…

  81. 1
    Trenton Meador

    Trenton Meador

    I was surprised how much better my pictures got when I started using a grey card, and I imagine that using a color one in addition to that will just help that much more.

  82. 1
    Jason Rister

    I just graduated with my film production degree & now I’m hoping to find work as an aspiring cinematographer/colorist. This would be perfect!

  83. 1
    Gidget Clayton

    Gidget Clayton
    I am a superstar! ;) LOL

  84. 1

    Thank you! Amazing tool :)

  85. 1
    Michael Burton

    life is like a camshaft,full of ups and downs……

  86. 1
    ioannis spy

    Great , Great

  87. 1
    Lee Germeroth

    Hi my name is Lee Germeroth! A random thought would be… It’s too hot to be editing right now.. With this color checker I will be able to cool down any image ;)

  88. 1
    Anton Juncher

    Rainbows, unicorns, unicycle, awesomeness!

  89. 1
    Robert Gainor

    Lighting doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be good.

  90. 1

    The weather is hot!

  91. 1
    Alastair Ross

    Very useful. Want!

  92. 1
    Dusan Ninkov

    the color is evrithing

  93. 1
    Jim Noble

    Nice here today for a change! I could sure use that chart!

  94. 1
    Ann Ludington

    Calibrate me please!!!

  95. 1
    Byron Dillard

    I hope creativity is now a prereq for contest winners

  96. 1
    Stephen Wall Morris

    SO much to do, so little time

  97. 1

    I’ve been using my cat as a gray card lately…. not working out so well.

  98. 1

    What are n-chrome colors?

  99. 1


  100. 1
    Steven Ferguson

    it’s better to burn out than to fade away

  101. 1
    Melissa Connors

    Very hot out, time for a swim!

  102. 1
    Emily Henderson

    I love giveaways…..

  103. 1
    Iskra Marinova

    White-balancing makes your images so much better! That tool is a treasure!

  104. 1

    Why not?

  105. 1
    Sue Darby

    So trying not to melt here!!
    I can use to be better :)

  106. 1
    Derrick Smith

    Please send me some summer too, weather sucks this year in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Flood didn’t help either

  107. 1
    Richard Wagner

    Never had one of these but would love to own one now!

  108. 1
    Val Holmes

    Cool times!

  109. 1
    Gaspar Giordano

    Want it!

  110. 1
    Adam Fondren

    SWAG is always nice…especially here in Okinawa.

  111. 1
    Jeff skurkis

    Why yes, I do like apples.

  112. 1
    Jakob røjel

    Nice looking stuff

  113. 1
    Claus Dahm

    Wau! This is a very nice giveaway.

  114. 1
    Drew Caprood

    Drew Caprood
    ITS HOT!

  115. 1

    1. Elsy
    2. Its raining! Time to snooze! :)

  116. 1

    Nice addition to the bag.

  117. 1
    Brian E. Homan

    Hot in the Mid-West…we are closer to the Sun.

  118. 1
    Michael Sy

    Michael H Sy

    Great resource page!!!

  119. 1

    I see colors, colors… ;D

  120. 1
    Oláh Ferenc


    It is hot. Time to work.

  121. 1

    Hot and Stcky

  122. 1
    Yair Mayer

    Bring me a Shrubbery

  123. 1
    Gregg G

    Would love to win this color calibration chart! Thanks

  124. 1
    Jimmy Arcade

    It’s been hot and humid in Columbus, OH!

  125. 1
    Yigal Levi

    At night i always fade to Gray

  126. 1
    Emil Christensen

    There is a storm on it’s way.

  127. 1
    Thanasis Maikousis

    Nice tool, thanks!

  128. 1
    Destiney Ohrt

    Summer is great for two weeks. Now it needs to GTFO! Im ready for the fall :)

  129. 1
    Peter van der Plaat

    Excellent tool for the right colors, indispensable tool for every photographer

  130. 1

    Pick me!

  131. 1
    Stuart Lightfoot

    Sunny day here in North Yorkshire. I’m off to photograph the village of Staithes.

  132. 1
    mark cage

    i would love one of these

  133. 1

    Its so hot in NY that my 18% grey card melted.. could really use something to help my set my white balance

  134. 1


  135. 1
    David Vandiver

    great website & great prize like it has the 12% gray

  136. 1

    I really need a white balance card. Help

  137. 1
    nicola davies

    oh the weather outide is frightful…..wait a minute its not HOORAY!

  138. 1
    robbie bergulson

    gimmie gimme please

  139. 1
    James Koch

    Hot deal hot NYC today.

  140. 1


    “shutter me up, Scotty. Its too hot to think in color” :-) “would love to zoom out from the sun, zoom in on a cold drink”

  141. 1
    Charles Payne

    Thanks +chris lin!

  142. 1
    Csaba Papp

    I so want to egalize colors in LR :)

  143. 1

    I want it!!

  144. 1

    No Tornadoes, no Floods, no Tsunamis, no earthquakes I don’t think I will complain today..

  145. 1
    Stefan Moldoveanu

    Hy everyone ! i’m verry verry happy that SLR LOUNGE exist! They made my photography better!

  146. 1
    Andrew Tomlinson

    44C (temp plus humidex) again today — too hot to even want to stroll around with the camera :(

  147. 1
    Brian A

    Hello from Albuquerque, NM

  148. 1

    Off to be photographed for a change.

  149. 1
    Ed Hall

    Today is the day!

  150. 1
    Stephen Jung

    It’s raining in Austin!

  151. 1
    Mikk Boiadè

    Who won the june bundle giveaway? I can’t find the announcement. Thanks

  152. 1
    Cheryl Oliver

    Love the things I see on Emily Henderson’s BLOG:)

  153. 1
    Jesse Griffin

    Everything packed into one great site.

  154. 1
    Andrew L

    Gotta love a cloudless sky, nothing to distract the viewer away from the focal point.

  155. 1
    Nathan Z

    Huge time saver in post.

  156. 1
    Jake Armstrong

    I had an awesome sandwich today.

  157. 1

    “Couldn’t stand the weather” makes for appropriate listening in Maryland..

  158. 1
    Barry McBeth

    Color is good.

  159. 1
    Matthew Kauffmann

    Joined, followed, tweeted, and crossed my fingers – good luck to all the submissions!

  160. 1
    James Polk

    James Polk adding my name to the pool. Good luck everyone!

  161. 1
    Alex Zeevy

    That looks handy!

  162. 1
    Andrew Wang

    Color correction can be a pain.

  163. 1
    David chin

    Here’s hoping. Would make my post work a lot easier.

  164. 1
    Patryk Koszela

    If there is a chance, that this could get to my photo-bag, that would be great :)

  165. 1
    Matt Allison

    Super duper awesome

  166. 1
    Fabio Robles

    Love SLR lounge. Keep up the great work!

  167. 1
    Dominic K.

    sun is shining whereever you go :)

  168. 1
    Brett McNally

    “I’m so proud of it, I put my name on it!”

  169. 1

    a) Andy
    b) The weather is no longer sunny in North England…

  170. 1
    Kevin Stacey

    Love SLR lounge!

  171. 1
    Michael Frazier

    Love the LOUNGE!

  172. 1
    Mark Coons

    Color correction is an important part of my workflow.

  173. 1
    Sergio Duarte

    This is a very useful tool.

  174. 1
    Jason Rykiss

    Always have been meaning to get some color calibration tools. These would be great!

  175. 1

    My name is Heather and this is one of my favorite quotes: “Photography, at its best, is a powerful language which speaks to our emotions. It allows us to tell our story and show others our framing of the world around us.”

  176. 1

    my name is Serdar and i need that :)

  177. 1

    Accurate color allways help!

  178. 1

    Capture the moment….use your camera.

  179. 1
    Joseph Godlewski

    Whoever dies with the most toys wins!

  180. 1
    Gabriel Serna

    Nice giveaway. Good luck all.

  181. 1
    Steve Lin

    It’s Friday, finally!

  182. 1
    Bernie Goldstein

    Footprints on the sands of time were not made by sitting down.

  183. 1
    Bridget Luna

    “Today everything exists to end in a photograph.”
    ― Susan Sontag


  184. 1

    The real thing will ease the frustration one can face with the efforts at a DIY version!

  185. 1
    Nick Jackson

    Cool guys don’t look at explosions.

  186. 1
    Adrian Morales

    Awesome site and tutorials!!!

  187. 1
    Jonathan Wang


    Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

  188. 1

    I’ll take that, thank you!

  189. 1
    Anita Watkins

    Just starting up and would love this this!

  190. 1
    Tony Colasurdo

    Who doesn’t love a littel give away?

  191. 1

    What you come across during ..Late night edits

  192. 1
    Nathan Tang

    Dragons like bananas!!

  193. 1
    Jan Fischer

    Nice giveaway!

  194. 1
    Toni bistobias

    Press the button.

  195. 1
    Dave B

    All must color correct!

  196. 1

    This, if I read correctly is NOT a giveaway at all !!!! That’s false advertising, and look at all the comments to see how successful the falsehood is!! – the thing clearly stated that only TWO people would get this thing, but the rest (undoubtedly) will be on some mailing list for ever after. Change the title, it’s NOT a giveaway at all change it to contest!! and stop being so ‘shonky’

  197. 1

    This would mean one less step of colour correction in lightroom :)

  198. 1
    Candy R.

    A) Candy R.
    B) Love these generous giveaways!

  199. 1

    I am feeling LUCKY today!

  200. 1
    Esther Klay

    Wonderful cool weather in St. Louis, MO, USA – need to take photos of family visiting this weekend!

  201. 1
    hugh mobley

    Can’t wait to win this!

  202. 1
    Emily Hayes

    yay :)

  203. 1
    Yve LeRoy

    Never to old or wise to learn new things

  204. 1

    We are all the same, but in different ways….. go capture it on camera!

  205. 1

    I was looking for one of these to try the new matchgrade from speedgrade CC!!!

  206. 1

    This is an awesome tool

  207. 1
    Kristi Bonus

    I like big butts and I can not lie.

  208. 1


  209. 1
    Vasco Gonçalves

    This is an awesome tool

  210. fear_and_loathing copy.jpg5
    Dalibor Tomic

    Extra :)

  211. fotodonatas 1200px.jpg11
    Donatas Vaiciulis

    This is an awesome tool!