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Where does America Vote? A Photo Project by Ryan Donnell

By Matthew Saville on November 6th 2012

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever seen a polling booth?  Photographer Ryan Donnell has been taking pictures of interesting polling locations since 2008.  Click HERE to visit the website!

I found the collection of photographs to be very unifying.  No matter where we live or what our political opinion is, we all have to vote in the same manner.  Without waxing too patriotic, I hope that all of you Americans out there (especially the ones with spare time to browse the internet and read this article!)  …can find the time to vote today.  And if you vote somewhere weird, take a photo and share it!

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  1. Ed Rhodes

    interesting series

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  2. Bradenkenyon

    i find those voting machines to be very scary, seems like a format too easily manipulated. I wouldnt trust election results until paper and pen or punch holes are re adopted.

    | |