Happy Sunday! I hope you get a lazy day off today after shooting yesterday. I’m busy shooting today as everyone is trying to get their last minute holiday photos in for Christmas cards. If you do get the day off, though, hopefully,you can lounge in your pj’s all day and watch some videos. Here are some of the latest SLR Lounge videos you might have missed.

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The One Absolutely Essential Thing You Should Be Doing Inside Lightroom

When importing your images into Lightroom, one of the most important things to do is to ensure that all of your metadata is applied during your import. Read the full article here.

9 Epic Groomsmen Poses

Bridal party photos are always a great place for your couples’ personality to shine on their wedding day. Groomsmen typically like the take their pictures a little above and beyond the regular “get together and smile” formation. So, here are nine poses that we love having our groomsmen do. Read the full article here.

8 Fun Bridesmaid Poses

The bond between a bride and her bridesmaids is one of the most important things for a wedding photographer to capture on the wedding day. Here are our eight favorite poses for bridesmaids. Read the full article here.

How To Create Golden Hour With No Sun

You would think recreating a giant 432,474 mile diameter ball of gas that’s 93 million miles away would be difficult, but it’s actually quite simple. All you need is a powerful strobe, move it up 92.999 million miles closer, and viola, Sun galore! Check out how Pye does it in the video below! Read the full article here.

Important Tip for Growing a Photographer’s Instagram Following

Setting aside time to post on your Instagram account for the rest of the week is a good way to save yourself overall time and effort. Read the full article here.

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