Above all else, ExploreCams is really a search engine with rather defined parameters, and allows you to search through a collection of imagery “taken on specific photo camera bodies & lenses, so you know what to expect from your next gear purchase.”

Now, the data required to assimilate something like this would require data-mining of sorts, trawling various photo-sites to find the imagery and the associated meta/EXIF data, and that’s precisely what they’ve done. Using 500px, Flickr, and an assortment of other sites, ExploreCams has surveyed and collected millions of photographs with thier EXIF data, so you can go through them to see what the images from the camera of your choosing actually look like.


We featured Explorecams before, some months ago now, because perhaps what’s most interesting with this information are the patterns it shows, and they make clean visuals from the patterned data, and even some interactive infographics. you can select a brand, and all the graphs shift to show you the most popular lenses, bodies, settings, and so on within each brand. You can even see the most common focal length used by each from Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony, Apple, and others.

Now, they’ve released a new set of data and it’s just as interesting as ever. And while some of it wouldn’t have changed much, like the fact Canon has 7 of the most used DSLRs in the market (Canon 5D MKIII on top), you can see some shifts, like the speed Sony is gaining, and of course you can see the most popular lens combinations, which can be pretty telling. It’s also nice to see some old faithfuls in there like the Nikon D80, and original Canon 5D.

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explorecams-camera-lens-combination-popular-9 explorecams-camera-lens-combination-popular-6 explorecams-camera-lens-combination-popular-7

Check it out in full here, and let us know what is your ultimate camera and lens combination, the one you’d stick with if you could only have one.