Every photographer carries a bag of tricks around, this bag is essentially magical when combined with one’s creativity. But what if we could tap into another magician’s secrets? Would you dare to look inside?

Creative director and designer Daniel Eckler of MIJLO is allowing you to do just that, with his photo series titled “’Essentials’– peek into the bags of 100 global creatives to find out what they cannot live without.”

The project was to highlight Eckler’s Kickstarter project, which was funded late last year. His mission was to create a sustainable backpack. You can check out the Kickstarter project here.

So, who are all these creative folk you ask? Everyone from photographers, to artists, bloggers, editors, and designers are jumping on the bandwagon.

Eckler’s photo project not only shows us how vast the creative world can be, but it also lets us see how we strive to find originality and our own ingenious identity. Some people carry around their cameras, and telephoto lens, while others can’t live without Sriracha sauce or ping pong paddles.

View all 100 images of the project here.

What’s essential in your bag?

[via] Design Taxi