The Italian news website La Stampa released two images recently of a photographer who was set up in Saint Peter’s Square with a monster Nikon 1200-1700mm F5.6-8 IF-ED Lens hoping to get a shot of the new pope. As you can imagine this lens is pretty rare, and exceptionally expensive. But it got me thinking, what on earth would I shoot with a 1200-1700mm manual focus lens?


Wildlife is an obvious guess, some sort of surveillance would be another guess. But I am having a very hard time thinking of another use for this lens, given its size and the requirement of a tripod. I guess you might be able to use this as a sports lens, if you are a master at manual focus and don’t have on the field access. But even then baseball and football are the only sports where I think you may be able to get a decent shot, most other sports simply do not cover enough real estate to be able to use a lens like this.

How would you shoot this lens? Any interesting uses that I am not thinking of?

[via Nikon Rumors]