Scott Kelby recently posted a blog entry titled This Can’t Be a Good Photo, Because…, and in it Scott writes briefly about a photo he took in Hawaii back in 2006 with a consumer grade camera, a kit lens, shot in JPEG, all while sitting on a cheap tripod. According to Scott many have claimed this “couldn’t be a good photo” based simply on the gear he used, a wild claim given the picture shown below. That claim goes back to the very familiar argument of gear versus vision or photographer. While that is always a fun argument to spark up it’s done quite often so we won’t get into that.

Image by Scott Kelby - Mt. Halenakala, Maui, Hawaii
Image by Scott Kelby – Mt. Halenakala, Maui, Hawaii

Scott goes on to say that he will be returning to the same location he was at in 2006 and will have all of his top of the line gear. It’s not clear whether he is going to try to snag a similar shot as before from the same location or not but he mentions even with his high end equipment in tow this time he doubts he could get a better shot than that, unless of course everything aligned perfectly again with the clouds, the sun and a clear open road.

That leads me to the question; can you think of a photo or shoot you wish you could go back and retake? What is the reason, is it that you have better gear now, your experience and knowledge would help more or some other reason? Let us know about it in the comments.