Google’s Pixel 2 phone takes its name from the apparently exceptional camera contained within, and it made headlines when it received the highest-yet score from DxO for a mobile phone camera. It scored a 98 which made headlines, but those headlines and that score don’t tell the whole story.

DxO scores are quite complex, so one can’t be really be blamed if they don’t care to look too deeply and instead choose to gloss over the finer details in favor of the bigger picture, the final score. But, you should know that the overall score may not be representative of what you as an individual value in a phone camera.

DxO runs a battery of complex tests on each phone and compares them to known benchmarks. The tests cover different rating criteria, and each criterion receives its own score. The scores aren’t averaged; they’re individually weighted as DxO deems important. This means that the criteria you value the highest may not be the same as what DxO values the highest, so if you are going to look into DxO scores when choosing a phone, it’s best to dig in deeper and look at the individual scores and test results.

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Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee offers up a thorough report in a new video, walking viewers through DXO’s process with a digestible breakdown of some pretty technical stuff. DXO is nothing if not thoroughly technical, and some of their calculations can make someone whose mind isn’t mathematically geared head spin in circles, so the layman’s explanation is most useful. Check out the video below, and let us know what you think!