Welcome to our roundup series where we will hit on several gear news and rumor topics each day. This gives you a chance to get caught up on all of the day’s news and rumors in one place. Make sure to check back daily for the latest gear news, rumors, and announcements.

Fuji X-T2 & Lens Rumors


Fuji ushered in their next generation of X-Series gear with the announcement of the X-Pro 2 (which began shipping this past week), so naturally all eyes turn now to the assumed X-T1 update – the X-T2.

There are few rumors regarding the X-T2 at the moment, other than that, it is assumed it will feature the same 24MP sensor as the new X-Pro2. But a new wrinkle in the rumors popped up this morning, in the form of some new video functionality – 4K. Yes, supposedly Fuji – a company who has shown little interest in video up to this point – is going to (according to the rumor) add 4K to the new X-T2.

4K alone won’t impress anyone, especially if they stick with their off codec choices and lack of intuitive video functionality. But that said, if they add 4K and make an effort to revamp their video altogether, this could be the start of some good things for Fuji.

Now, moving beyond the X-T2 front, in regards to lenses, the rumors are telling us that the next lens on the roadmap is likely a 23mm F2. Which, for those who care,  would give you roughly a 35mm FoV FF equivalent. This should pair nicely with the 35mm F/2, and I assume will likely look somewhat similar.

Also, on the lens rumor front, the 120mm F/2.8 is expected to be coming down the pipe soon as well.

Olympus Lens & Camera Rumors


This Olympus update is a little sparse on actual details, but according to the latest from the rumor mill, they will be announcing their new F/1.2 lens line within the next months. We don’t know what focal lengths or when exactly to expect them, but just know they are expected to start shipping by the summer of this year.

Also, on the Olympus camera front, something new with the official designation of IM001 is coming. Unfortunately, we have no idea what it is or where it fits into Olympus’s current lineup (or if it is something new altogether).

Sony Rumors


Sony just had a bunch of new announcements over these first few months of 2016, but according to the rumors, they aren’t done yet. A new E-Mount camera may be coming in April. We don’t know if it’s E-mount proper or FE mount at this point, but we do know it’s coming.

There are some rumors about a new E-mount camcorder, so it could be that, or it could be another stills/video camera. It will be interesting to see what it is.

On the lens front, while this isn’t Sony directly, the rumors are saying that Zeiss will launch an 18mm Batis lens something between March and April.

CSTV A6300 Field Test

Our own managing editor, Hanssie, was in Miami for the Sony event last week. She shared her thoughts on the A6300 and the 85mm and 24-70mm G-Master lenses on this site already, but she was not the only one there.

The guys from The Camera Store TV were also on scene in Miami and today they released their full A6300 hands-on field test. They talk about many of the same things that Hanssie did in her posts, and as always, it is a real treat to watch. Have a watch for yourself.

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