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What is Batch Processing in Lightroom 3?

February 1st 2011 5:10 PM

(The Lightroom video tutorial in this post is just under the introductory text below)

Batch processing or batch editing is one of the most powerful features in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. While batch processing is available in many applications, Lightroom’s batch processing is particularly powerful because Lightroom is a non-destructive editor as we discussed in the last video. Non-destructive editing combined with the power of batch processing allows us to apply specific settings over groups of photos, but then still have the ability to fine tune each image individually.

In this video, I will briefly be discussing batch processing and demonstrating the batch processing power of Lightroom 3.

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  1. Davest

    This seems like it’s designed for someone who already knows what the narrator is talking about…I’m looking for an actual tutorial that tells me how to do it. For example…at ~45 seconds, he says ‘I’m going to switch from the import module to the develop module…’. Ok…how do I do that?

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    • Pye

      Davest, I would highly recommend looking into getting the LR4 A-Z DVD in our store. It starts from the most basics of learning the interface, and works all the way through the most advanced topics of developing and processing over the course of 14 hours from A – Z.

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  2. Emily

    These tutorials are incredibly useful! Thankyou so much.

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  3. Trw1230

    Thanks what a time saver!

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