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What iPhone Journalism Looks Like When You Fire Your Photo Staff

By Jules Ebe on July 24th 2013


It was not too long ago that Chicago Sun-Times made national headlines and shocked photographers around the world when it purged its entire photojournalism staff and replaced them with iPhone ‘trained’ reporters. That’s right – iPhone trained writers now man the photo desk as well. The response was so impressive that even Steven Colbert took a few stabs at the media outlet’s lack of respect for its own journalists in a humorous segment on The Colbert Report.

But just when Chicago Sun-Times thought the attention had died down, Chicago-based freelance photographer Taylor Glascock has been keeping the discussion alive on her Tumblr page. Glascock’s Tumblr blog compares the Sun-Times’ photography with that of its direct competitor, the Chicago Tribune. After a few months, we now have a good collection of covers and web pages to peruse. Probably not the quality journalism Sun-Times was hoping for.

“I think that you can’t just assume that if you give [reporters] a camera they will come out with the same result as someone who is trained.”

Chicago Sun Times vs. Chicago Tribune

Guess which one still uses staff photographers:








“If photographers had to write all the stories it wouldn’t be pretty either.”

To check out Glascock’s Tumblr, click here.

So what are your thoughts? Is photojournalism dead – or will media outlets appreciate the value of trained photographic professionals?

Update: It turns out the June 25th cover comparison isn’t entirely fair. The Sun-Times actually had a special wrap-around for that day’s paper. The examples here are trying to exclude professional photographers that work for the Sun-Times as freelancers. The focus is on images provided by iPhone-toting writers vs Chicago Tribune professional staff photographers.

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  1. Christian Lampe

    What a misleading article. While I am a photographer and think that it is wrong that they fired those award winning photojournalists, the real cover to the chicago sun times is this:

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    • Matthew

      That cover photo is a Getty image. We’re interested in photos produced by the newspaper staff.

      | |
  2. James Keck

    I always wondered how long it would take for the papers to begin doing this. I don’t like the idea, but it was headed this way for quite some time. Even our little home town paper has taken phone pics from readers as submissions for a while now, but they do still utilize freelance photogs, and maintain at least a couple of staff photographers as well.

    It is all about the economy, and the fact that a lot of folks have switched from traditional outlets (newspapers/radio) to getting their news from computers and phones. Progress makes the world a better place, but it always carries a price. In this instance, however, I don’t like the price tag…

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