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What happens when you drop a $10K Nikkor Lens from 14 Feet?

By Anthony Thurston on July 11th 2013

Daniel Cox, an award winning wildlife photographer who has had his work on the cover of National Geographic, and other major magazine; was on a trip in Canada shooting Polar Bears. One day he had a guest joining him on the shoot, this guest’s lens of choice was the $10,000 Nikkor 600mm F4.

All was well and good until the Daniel, who was busy shooting the polar bears at the time, saw this lens falling from the “buggy” 14 feet onto the Tundra. The lens broke completely in half on impact, as you can see in the included picture. According to Daniel the guest photographer was a good sport and even posed for a picture with the destroyed lens.


Luckily for her the lens was insured, so it was most likely replaced. It would be hard for me to be much of a good sport if I had just destroyed a 10K lens without insurance. But if I had it insured then it would be much easier to be a good sport about it. In a case like that I would imagine it feels a bit like totaling your car, it sucks for a bit but you know your insurance will take care of it so in the grand scheme of things you know it will be alright.

You can read the full story on Daniel’s website here, its a good read – even with the unhappy ending.

What are your thoughts on this? What would you do if you broke a lens that expensive? Let us know in a comment below.

 [via Nikon Rumors]

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  1. Daniel Cox

    Hi Guys, Daniel Cox here. I never did hear how much the repair was but have sent out an email to Isabella trying to find out. Will let you know if I find out. I never knew about SLR Lounge. Looks like a great site.

    | |
  2. Brad Buckman

    A repeat client wanted to take a few pictures of me during our session, and she picked up my camera by the attached Pocket Wizard. The camera slipped off and fell to the ground, likewise breaking my lens in half. She paid the deductible, and insurance covered the rest. To be honest, it’s frustrating paying for insurance (of all types), but it does offer tremendous peace of mind.

    | |
    • Juan

      You are right Brad. Can you share the name of your insurance ?

      | |
  3. Feroz

    This was almost 3 years ago eh

    | |
  4. Viktor Arakchiev

    I’m a Bulgarian and nobody offers an insurance for your camera or lenses. It’s super expensive to get one against home theft but nothing close to breaking or stealing outside. Could you tell some more about how this insurances work, who offers them and how much do they cost. I’m just curious, it’s not we can fight the insurance companies and get this service :(

    | |
  5. frank simon

    Duct Tape?

    | |
  6. Tom Markham

    I bet that could be repaired but it wouldn’t be cheap.

    | |