In this video from the Creative Path Films Team, they go over some of the “must-know” details of one of the most common tools in the photo, video, and creative industry; The C-Stand! Almost every major grip manufacturer makes their own version. There are C Stands from Matthews, C stands from Avenge, C Stands from Kupo, even Neewer are making their own version along with many more.

Although common, when people lay eyes on a c-stand for the first time, they are often left confused at the complexity of the metal contraption standing before them. So, to address this problem they’ll be showing you the differences between some of the most common brands of c-stands, how they work, how to use them properly, as well as some of the most common configurations you’ll find on sets. This also includes the “right-hand-rule” for ensuring proper grip and safety on set! Be sure to watch the whole clip and the follow-up videos in this series and let us know if you have any additional questions in the comments below.