A few weeks ago, we wrote about Carli Davidson’s new book of portraits of dogs, in mid shake. But what happens before the shake? Aside from running around, chasing your dog, who starts running at the sound of the words, “Bath time!” and coaxing him, feet dragging into the bathtub, you have to get him wet first.

[REWIND: Shake: Mesmerizing Photos of Dogs in Mid-Shake]

In “Wet Dog,” photographer Sophie Gamand, shows dogs mid-bath, about half a second before they shake. Working with Ruben Santana, groomer and pet stylist, Sophie creates humorous images of what happens when your pups get soaked in the bath tub (right before they soak you). You can almost read the betrayal and angst in their facial expressions.

For Sophie, who is directing all her photography at dogs at the moment, is fascinated with the bond between dogs and humans. Her website, Striking Paws, deals with “exploring the human through dog photography.” The relationship that goes beyond pet and owner.

Dogs are more than animals. They’ve become life companions. They deserved to be photographed with the same care, attention to detail, as humans. They have personalities and expressions…

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Sophie is working on compiling all her images into a coffee table book so more images are on their way. Check out some of Sophie’s other dog centric series – Opera Dogs, At the Vet, Dog Vogue and more.

After having just adopted a 4 year old Great Dane Lab this weekend, I am just beginning to understand the mysterious dog/human bond. I do know better than to get him wet though, a 90lb wet dog just doesn’t sound like fun. I’ll leave that to the professionals.

Is your pet more than an animal to you?

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