Westcott has announced a new specialty reflector designed specifically for use in headshot and portrait photography. The new Eyelighter is a curved reflector that is designed to be used as the “bottom” in  your standard top down lighting setups like clamshell and butterfly lighting.


The special curved design helps get maximum light reflected onto all areas of the head and upper body, while also staying conveniently out of the way of you and your camera. It also helps the Eyelighter to create a more natural looking catch light than your standard circular or flat reflector.

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The Eyelighter is made with an aluminium frame, that is both light and strong. If you do a lot of portraits and or headshots, then this could be a reflector that you want to invest in. Though, the price may be a bit off putting for some of you, coming in at just shy of $300, it is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you are interested in picking one of these new Eyelighter’s up you can head on over to B&H, who has them available for pre-order. The Eyelighter is expected to start shipping on June 5th.