Are you a portrait, fashion or commercial photographer? Then Westcott’s newly announced large light modifiers, named Zeppelin, could be something you’re going to be interested in. The Zeppelin are large sixteen-sided softboxes with highly reflective silver interiors with two optional diffusion panels.


They come in three size for you to choose from depending on your needs, the 39″, 47″, and 59″. According to Westcott, putting these modifiers together is “effortless,” as is storage and travel with the provided traveling case (a great feature that was sadly missing from their Apollo units). The uniquely deep parabolic shape generates “stunning even, wrap-around light output.” This is what will make these new modifiers so attractive to the portrait, fashion, and commercial photographer crowds.

These new Zeppelin units offer a variety of light mounting options, as all high quality modifiers should, can accommodate both hot lights as well as studio strobes or even speedlights. Overall, these look to be pretty high quality light modifiers, as we have come to expect from Westcott.


The 35″ Zeppelin starts at $399, the 47″ at $499, and the 59″ at $599. All of which are currently available for purchase from B&H Photo Video.


What are your thoughts on these new Zeppelin Parabolic Softboxes from Westcott? Do these look like unit that you might like to try out or that we should get in for review? Leave a comment below to join the discussion and let us know that you think.

[via Lighting Rumors]