Happy Friday Everyone! Fridays are always good days, for most of us it’s the last day of work or the first day of the weekend. Since we are photographers the weekend usually signifies the few days a week we can spend perfecting our craft, learning new techniques, or just playing around.

Today I want to issue a challenge to all of you, and that is to just go out and shoot this weekend! Jump in the car, drive to the nearest park and spend an hour or two taking pictures of what you see. Try different angles on your subjects, changes your position to see how the light changes on the subject. Most of all just get out there and shoot.


It may seem like a pointless exercise, but it’s one of the best ways to become truly familiarized with your camera and what it is capable of. Do you think that famous photographers just woke up one day and new how their gear worked to a t? As much as they might like you to believe that the truth is that lots of time and effort went into learning their trade through activities like the one I issued above.

Log into the SLR lounge Forums after the weekend is over and share your results, if you got any cool shots share them, if you learned something new on your camera share it, if you had an epiphany and you now understand your camera better than before then share it! Who knows, maybe we will pick an image or story out of the bunch to win a prize. We have not decided yet, and it will depend a lot on the quality of images and the stories.

Anyways, get off your butt and go shoot! Have a great weekend folks.