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Wedding Videographer Sued by Unhappy Bride

By Adam Kuzik on February 12th 2014

Monica Nikchemny, 26, said in her Brooklyn Supreme Court lawsuit that wedding videographer, Visualaz, ruined all her beautiful memories with weird sound effects and fake applause tracks, almost causing her to have a nervous breakdown.

According to court documents, Nickchemny, the owner of Monica’s Bridal in Brooklyn, paid $12,750 to Visualez in August 2011 to produce a wedding video and a “love story” that would be played for the wedding guests at the reception. She is seeking an additional $72,000 in damages and a total of $122,000 have been claimed in the suit.

Nickchemny also claims that Visualez wanted the husband to wear women’s clothes as part of a proposed story line; missed the signing of the Jewish marriage contract and various toasts; failed to provide a promised camera crane, four digital cameramen, and a Russian-speaking videographer and; turned over an incomplete film filled with ridiculous sound effects. Nickchemny explains:

When I was watching my wedding video it sounded like I was watching an episode of ‘Seinfeld’ with the sound effects in the background. I was hysterical. I almost had a nervous breakdown.

When asked to comment, Boshoer, whose credits include “Wolf of Wall Street,” stated:

We would love to tell our story, but not allowed to make any comments at this time. The cinematography in their video should speak for itself. As soon as this is over I will update everyone.



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Adam Kuzik is the founder and owner of Studio 35 Photography + Video based near Calgary, Canada. He is a professional wedding and commercial photographer as well as an industry educator.

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Freddy Espinoza

    whats the password?

    | |
  2. Mohamed Eldawi

    I can only view the wedding preview i dont see any issue with it except the speeches over the guy singing usually i either wait for a part that has no vocals and loop it for long speeches but all the shots pretty much were good. 

    | |
  3. Steven Smith

    Here are my honest comments
    As for dressing as a woman it is fairly easy to say “no”.
    As for camera crane and additional cameras that could be breach of contract. I’m an editor and it was very well done though I felt the audio mix was a little rough, the music level is stepping on the bridesmaids’ speech as well as the other speeches, but hey that’s easy enough to fix. Otherwise great shots great edit choices

    | | Edited  
    • Steven Smith

      Luckily in a lot of these court cases they don’t base the monetary award on emotional or psychological value, merely the contract value so I would offer to clean up the audio mixes, dump the price of the crane and additional cameras, prorate the amount of missing footage and offer 10 to 25% just to try and make good these are the things the BBB and some judges look for, the attempt at a resolution..good luck!

      | | Edited  
  4. Joseph Prusa

    Poor guy

    | |
  5. chris adval

    Update? I just read this now, and saw the video. The video is actually very impressive, very much worth the $12k

    | |

    I would love to be the judge at that trial

    | |
  7. andie

    just find this and after read many post tell about how good the video are. so curious, where can I watch the trailer??

    | |
  8. Nancy

    We need to see the contract and the video in question. The actual shots, maybe they did get these specific shots but the bride did not like the way they were done! or was there a specific clause for shooters and equipment?. hard to say without seeing the evidence.

    | |
  9. AlbertTorrel

    The truth is that this isn’t the video! This is what this company calls a trailer. They use it to market their own company essentially on couples dimes. Who would pay 13k for a 14min video? The lawsuit isn’t even about the video as a whole. The video is only the underline subject of the lawsuit. The actual lawsuit is about breach of contract. If they would be looking for some sort of money from it, believe me at a wedding like this they have tens of vendors who some of could cost triple the video. Haven’t you people asked yourself, why not file a lawsuit against any of them? From reading the case file on this, its actually a very very good case. By contract the studio was obligated to show up with 4 video cameras, 4 video camera operators, a camera crane, a certified stedicam operator, a camera operator who was sold to have Hollywood credits as well as produce a 2hr long wedding video. At the end none of that showed up exp the owner of the studio with his wife with two still shot camera’s and a stedicam. The end result was a poorly shot wedding and a video that went for less then an hr (54min based on court files). Needless to say they destroyed the poor couples raw footage and name by releasing the sham video you all watched that they tightly edited for use as marketing across multiple social/video networks. What your all saying is its ok to rip people off..

    anyone who see’s a flaw in my comment, I do challenge you to send me an item of great value to yourself that can never be replaced as well as 13k of your money. Ill sign a contract promising you the world, destroy your item kf value, breach 90% of said contract and keep your money. then show the world me holding a perfect version of your item of value claiming this is what I gave you. And really anyone saying recover funds.. are you kidding me? even if the amount was the original 122k a case like this can go well over that in legal fees. this while case give or take if all counts pass would be 50k. The point here isn’t and was never money or publicity! it was to put something on file in the court system to protect other couples from predatory vendors of this sort who feel they can make promises legally bound by contract, not deliver on the majority of it, destroy your raw footage, botch your film and then stop you from showing your points while slandering you because to get your raw footage to try to edit it with another studio the threaten you with doing what they did anyway unless you sign away copyrights. if this sounds like a world you want to do business in I have a bridge and toll boots you need to come look at. im even sure she tried to do this without the courts. its been like 7 months since she received the final cut and she only files now? what do you think she was doing for 7 months?

    | |
  10. michael roberts

    kooky ass couple
    I have a notion of how long this marriage will last LOL

    | |
  11. Tom

    She is a publicity whore*, BTW if along the way she makes a few bucks it won’t hurt.

    | |
  12. Oggy

    I’ve tried so hard to find something wrong in those clips and I didn’t find anything at all. That couple is completely crazy or just want to steal back the money with the interest. I can’t believe that such miserable act is possible. The guys did pretty good job filming that wedding.

    | |
  13. Anthony Perlas

    I can see the majority of commenters only watched the highlights. While the highlights was very well done. The longer version is very much unwatchable. The intros were fine but once people started speaking and getting to the main event the video just loses. It looks like the videographer isn’t even looking at the viewfinder while taking the video. There is now focus at all. It focus on top of people head and random places like someone playing with a new camera.

    So yeah. She has a point. I would be unhappy too. The sums of money involved? I’m just a poor boy don’t want to think about it.

    | |
  14. Rich

    Beautifully lite, technically well done in all the many aspects of this media…I don’t understand the dissatisfaction here?

    | |
  15. Olena

    Video looks very good! I wish I had mine like that. They are looking to make some money. That’s probably how she got her store opened with sued money.

    | |
  16. Jessica Zadka

    Very tacky dresses! Nobody can ever look as good as I did. If she looked as pretty as me the video would not matter.

    | |
  17. jen

    Her problem was with video played at her reception. Not her wedding video think some of you forgot that when posting comments. But what I dont get is didnt she view the video before it was played at reception to make sure was what she whated for her reception! Going say if she would have dont like something in it im sure he would have made the changes for her Considering how the wedding videos turned out he did great job to go buy them yeah then it does sound like a bridezilla issue but we didn’t see the video that the issue is about! To be making some of the comments above! But even if there is issue with that video to sue over it is ridiculous that some of the problem with our society today everybody wants to sue over everything know matter what it is and then they wonder why it’s so high because people need the raise the prices so they can cover the insurance then need just Incase they get sued over something

    | |
  18. Eva

    These videos are very nice. If only the defendant would be automatically entitled to the sum the plaintiff asks for if they prevail. Then, perhaps unreasonable people would be compelled to be more reasonable and less self absorbed. The woman is an extremely self indulgent jerk to describe these videos as nearly bringing on a nervous breakdown. Sheesh!

    | |
  19. Arnel

    So, what I’m wondering is, 72,000 in damages? Many people are saying that if the video company promised items and did not deliver, then he is liable, and I agree. However, I find it difficult to believe that before anything even took place, they asked the groom to dress in women’s clothes? If they made such a statement prior to the wedding (assuming it wasn’t a joke), then why didn’t the B&G have a talk with them beforehand? Seems like that would’ve been a red flag. As well, for a wedding of that calliber, why wouldn’t the contact person speak with the company at first contact the day of about missing items and people, voice complaints at that point, and contract negotiations? As far as edits, who gets hysterical over something that can so easily be changed? Ok, maybe not easily, but I’m assuming they kept the raw footage; why not say it’s not acceptable and give it back? The complaints listed just seem fishy to me; there’s the couples story, the vendors story and something in between. I also find it difficult to believe that someone who runs a bridal shop, and has contact with all these vendors would behave in a way where she’s not willing to work the items out that can be worked out. Obviously if they missed filming something it’s gone forever, but I still think the damages number is fishy.

    | |
  20. Colleen

    Their work is BEAUTIFUL. It gave me chills, the shots were well planned out, and just overall professional and beautiful. Man, I’d hire them! I haven’t gotten to do wedding videography yet, but when I do I hope mine turn out as professional looking with my style!

    I would also like to see the video of the one shown at the reception. But judging by the quality of these videos, I have no doubt it was wonderful. As for missing shots during the day, most contracts state that a professional videographer/photographer may not be able to get all of the specified shots, due to restrictions by the venue, people restrictions, during the time that the crew is eating, and some other circumstances.

    I think she just needs to chillax and realize that she got an amazing videographer.

    | |
  21. Stewart Baird

    How horrible that after someone creates work for a person like this, they turn-around and trash not only them but also their work.

    Ultimately, she is ugly and I mean ugly in the sense of her meanness, narrowness and nastiness. Beauty is truly not just skin deep.

    | |
  22. Kat Tankersley

    You did a wonderful job on these videos. I’d have been proud to pay for such fine work.

    | |
  23. Cindy

    Both video’s are lovely. Made me smile and I love the way it was put together.

    | |
  24. Sarah C


    | |
  25. Mike Olson

    I’ve been a professional wedding photographer for 40 years. During that time I have photographed around 4000 (yes thousand) weddings. My point is that I’m qualified to critique wedding work. I would hire this guy as the videographer at my daughter’s wedding!!! These are beautiful, artistic well done videos from her wedding. I think the music might be a little loud in a few places when people were speaking, but I think they are very well done representation of a beautiful wedding day! I would think she (the bride) probably didn’t communicate well enough her ideas of what she expected to have (or nit have) in her wedding video. Is a shame that she is upset , but I wouldn’t put the blame on the videographer.

    | |
    • Bill from NYC

      That is exactly how I feel it is the bride expecting something that was not deliver because she did not explain in detail what her vision was. She has egg on her face and now takes it out with the videographer. I have seen this before and it has happen to me. Customers that say one thing but mean another thing are always going to be a problem.

      | |
    • Arnel

      100 weddings a year, every year, for 40 years? Hmmm…..

      | |
  26. Rodney clery

    Excellent work done here by this videographer,
    Can’t see what the problem is here!
    They are obviously trying to make back the cost of there lavish wedding
    By sueing this talented videographer. He is just unlucky that it is him they are sueing
    And not someone else that worked at there wedding.
    They will have no luck for what they are trying to do!

    | |
  27. MandyM

    The videos contained in this post are not what are in dispute (well, not entirely).

    The bride’s main dispute is regarding a video that was produced to show at the reception, clearly neither of these videos is that one. I think it would be prudent for the author, Adam, to clearly make note of that in this article as it’s very misleading to those who skipped over that detail.

    As for the videos that are actually posted; missing certain critical parts of the day, promised equipment and personal not being provided, those are things worth being unhappy about when they were promised (contracted).

    But beyond that, in my opinion as a professional editor, the videos included in this post are beautifully shot and extremely well edited, so I can only imagine that there would have been very good reasons for missing the signing etc. as the company is clearly very professional and beyond what any regular wedding “videographer” (I hate that term!) would produce.


    | |
  28. Vincent DeVries

    What the F^&* is she on about??? And what does she mean by Seinfeld?? Is it because they all speak like George’ mum??
    This Visualaz did a great and tasteful job capturing this high end wedding. Absolutely great cinematography and edit!
    Stop complaining and cherish the beauty…..Bitch!!

    | |
  29. Katrina Elena

    I was really impressed with the videos. I think she is a spoiled princess looking for someone else to pay for her wedding. It sickens me. I hope the videographer counter sues and wins!

    | |
  30. Neil Koven

    AS a Jew and a photographer (I gave up doing weddings several years ago) I thought this was a magnificent video that truly captured the joyousness of the occasion. My only criticism would be the very brief shot of what appeared to be scowling bridesmaids.

    I have been part of and photographed many Jewish weddings, and I’ve never seen the sheer joy and happiness captured so well. If the bride is suing for some bizarre reason, I cannot fathom what it could be.

    While the wedding was a bit ostentatious from others I’ve seen, the families obviously had money. SO WHAT! Families throw the kind of weddings that they can afford, and if they can afford that, then good for them. I have photographed simple weddings with only 7 people (including me and my assistant) that was a wonderful happy occasion, and I have attended Bar Mitzvahs which were gaudy ostentatious over-the-top displays of wealth.

    Monica and Felix should be overjoyed with the result.

    As an aside, didja notice everyone with their smart phones taking pictures? They won’t be anywhere near as good as a professional photographer’s images…and this has cut into the wedding photography industry—one of the reasons I got out of the wedding business and concentrated more on commercial.

    Visualaz and Igor are to be commended on a job extremely well done, and I wish them the best of luck on any lawsuits against them, which should be thrown out of court.

    | |
  31. Derek Wollcott

    This is ridiculous! The lawsuit is so frivolous and doesn’t stand a chance. These wedding videos are amazing and show complete talent of Visualaz. The bride is lucky she didn’t hire Jesse J. Clark. If you haven’t heard of this guy look him up. Jesse J. Clark was a Massachusetts videographer that scammed nearly up to 100 wedding couples out of their wedding videos back in 2010-2011. The guy virtually disappeared and claimed that an east coast storm we had back in 2011 destroyed his hard drives. Later on Jesse claimed he was sick in the hospital and had mental problems which prevented him from delivering wedding videos to client. To this day, their are still many wedding couples seeking compensation from the maniac, and still hasn’t faced any major legal repercussions from his wrong doings. Google Jesse J. Clark!!!

    | |
    • Terry Gilliam

      Haahah, we saw Jesse clark on the news last summer!! Can’t believe what he did. The Massachussetes attn general must be having a field day with all the wedding clients who never even got their wedding videos. Agree! The couple is lucky they didn’t hire SureShot Videography! although Visualaz is a bit higher caliber than SureShot Videography!

      | |
  32. ivan

    nice shoot~

    | |
  33. Tara Gibson

    If she hates them so much why is she using them on her wedding site? They are lovely she’s just a crazy bridezilla. She’s enough to make a person reconsider their career choice.

    | |
  34. Bryan K

    WTF!!!!!! The bride is a total nut job. This video is awesome

    | |
  35. Kate

    Wow, good luck with your handfull, Felix. That video is lovely.

    | |
  36. Reza Evol

    Both those videos are amazing, well shot and put together. This seems like more of ohh the wedding is over let’s see how much money we can get back from videographers, photographers, vendors, hair and makeup. She’s just regretting spending as much as she did and wants to recover some of the cost of the wedding, by any means necessary. I wouldn’t be surprised if $122,000 is what she spent on the wedding.

    | |
  37. cesar

    Lo que la novia reclama es lo correcto, la esencia de las promesas maritales, la ceremonia, esos momentos no fueron puestos alli, y en algunos casos es lo mas importante, por eso cuando vayan a hacer un trabajo, pregunten, que la gente espera de su video? , y luego que esten de acuerdo somete a consideracion algunas tomas. y todo el mundo contento. la calidad del video es excellente.! pero la historia que la novia pidió no esta alli.

    | |
  38. Adam

    I only watched the highlight video but thought it was ver well done. Its quality leads me to believe that the “love story” video was also well done.

    I’ve only shot one wedding. It was incredibly hard work on the wedding day and the edit was one of the most stressful I’ve ever done. I’ll never do one again. Based on my experience I can see how much work went ino this based on the highlight video alone.

    If there were some events missed or some minor contract breaches she is probably entitled to a reasonable discount but the lawsuit is outrageous.

    I only hope that the the videographers reputation is not being damaged by this.

    I also hope he sees these comments and knows he has some support in all this.

    Hopefully some bad karma will see its way into this brides life after this. ( not too bad l, of course. Just a little bad. )

    | |
  39. Yashwardhan Soni

    Maybe she is contemplating divorce and wants to recover the cost of the wedding, next thing she might say is that the Rolls was a fake!!!!

    | |
  40. Yashwardhan Soni

    I actually had to see the video twice to look for faults. I cannot comment on the contractual breaches but the wedding video is excellent!

    | |
  41. Demos

    So I was expecting to see something pretty horrific but what I saw was a great story with emotion and I thought the edit was excellent. I think she is clearly trying to get money to help fund her wedding expenses. What was she expecting ? Good job Igor !

    | |
  42. Harry Cruz

    In my humble opinion the videographer has done justice to both wedding films posted here. I do not see anything wrong that can upset the bride. However, I would like to see what was played in the SDE (same day edit) to give here the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise, this is just an absurd suit.

    br, {HC}

    | |
  43. JC

    I watched the first one. It looks good in my opinion. I think that woman was alittle off her rocker.

    | |
  44. Nadine

    Seriously. Who freaks out and have a nervous breakdown over their wedding videos? Someone who has fucked up priorities in life.

    | |
  45. melo

    Its fantastic!!! Love it!!! Great job!!! :)

    | |
  46. Andy

    I give her 12 months and I am sure she will be back in court suing her husband. What goes around comes around…

    | |
  47. Bryan

    WOW! really, I just don’t see it! A few words come to mind as I read more into this ridiculous claim, “Neurotic”, “Entitled Princess – NOT!!”, If that wasn’t good enough, I don’t believe it ever would have been, no matter who shot the video? I thought the video was actually really good…

    | |
  48. Lynda Olsen

    I loved both versions of video. How very beautiful!! I’d have loved to have something like this for my wedding. Just amazing! Also I agree that this is not the video she is complaining about as it is supposed to be a video shown at the reception, but if I also got these 2 videos, I would be so happy I’d completely forget about the reception video.

    | |
  49. Jawiman

    I am really sorry for the guy. He would have to put up with this woman for a very long time.

    But then again, there is divorce. XP

    | |
  50. Mike

    well i think her first mistake is paying that much for this videographer because those videos were not worth $12k. I’ve seen much better work for a third of a price. However, regardless, i thought the video was fine and the claims she’s making are ridiculous. Just like many of the people in here commented that maybe she’s looking for something to cover the cost of the wedding. #sorrynotsosorry

    | |
  51. Graeme

    Ugliest dress I’ve ever seen!

    | |
  52. Graeme

    Poor Felix!!!!!!! :(

    | |
  53. wangyo

    Nothing is wrong with the video. There is something WRONG with the BRIDE.

    | |
  54. FOCUS IMAGERY wedding film and photography

    For such an outrageously ostentatious wedding the Videographer did a fantastic job, well done sir! Quite frankly, I think you should sue the bride!

    | |
  55. Bonnie Miller

    Love the video. (Psycho circumstances.) Lots of publicity arise from drama.

    | |
  56. 1264Films

    I dont know what she’s talking about, at least judging by these posted clips
    the videographer did an amazing job. The rack focus on his video at 00:11 already
    had me interested, he’s got a good eye. I hope this guy comes on top.

    | |
  57. Wade

    I agree with everyone here but most importantly she realized how much money was spent and is wanting to reclaim some or all of it back. Video’s were professional quality in my book, she will be laughed out of court.

    | |
  58. Lindsay

    This chick is nuts- this movie is beautiful! I work with many wedding photographers and videographers- and she got a great videographer, and needs to stop acting like a bridezilla! I say the videographer needs to countersue!

    | |
  59. Lindsi

    The bride must have been hearing things. There were no out of place “sound effects” or “applause” in either video. The only applause I heard was in the long video as part of the song about a quart of the way through and a brief moment of live applause from the crowd as the bride and groom exited the ceremony. She obviously just wants her money back for whatever reason and is making false claims in order to get her way. From the story about their first date, it sounds like she is high maintenance to begin with. I would hire this videographer in a heartbeat. I can’t see her claims holding up in court at all.

    | |
  60. Chrissie

    Wow. Unbelievable.. The bride’s a real drama queen….

    | |
  61. Shane

    Glad my company dodged that nightmare. Sounds like a money hungry witch.

    | |
  62. breanne

    I LOVED the video think it was AWESOME!!! This bride is BRIDEZIILA realized how much her wedding cost and how much she didn’t get at the wedding and now is trying to get money back in any way shape or form really unfortunate

    | |
  63. shelley arnett

    I guess she needs to pay for her wedding somehow? Beautiful video!!

    | |
  64. Megan Moura

    Both of these videos are beautiful! beautifully lit, beautiful focus, great composition and lovely transitions! The couple, and anyone lucky enough to have this caliber videographer should be grateful!

    | |
  65. Mindy

    That was an absolutely beautiful video! Love your work!

    | |
  66. Abe

    I seriously thought the videos were going to look like this.

    | |
    • Liz

      LOL! I only made it 19 seconds before I had to stop watching…

      | |
    • Becky

      That was a riot! I could only watch 2 minutes! Someone should sent this to Monica . . .

      | |
  67. Brian

    Wow, Bridezilla…I guess Stephen Spielberg didn’t want the gig. Just think how much she would have tried to sue him for. I thought the video was awesome.

    | |
  68. Nitsan

    @SLR lounge, please remove my first comment. I was angry but I realized it’s not really appropriate. lol

    | |
    • JON

      But I like your first comment! :)

      | |
  69. Nitsan

    That video nice!
    The color grade is maybe just a little too dark I think. Hardly something to sue over!

    This is why you ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have a good contract.
    Some people will try to rip you off.

    | |
  70. Nitsan

    What a ***************!!!
    That video nice!
    The color grade is maybe just a little too dark I think. Hardly something to sue over!

    This is why you ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have a good contract.
    Some people will try to rip you off.

    | |
  71. christopher leatherwood

    hope this bitch dies alone

    | |
  72. Mars

    It is impossible to say who is at the wrong here without knowing what was agreed on in the contract.Most companies have a pretty generic contract and will not have specifics in it like the toasts she is talking about.I have to favor with the videographer here because the clips are extremely good quality but it is possible that the contract contained various things that they did not deliver on,But even if the videographer is in the wrong here it is still quite a high claim and it is more likely that they are just trying to profit from this.

    | |
  73. deb

    The videos were great. I wonder what was played at the reception. My instincts are telling me she is a solcilit and is trying to get more publicity

    | |
  74. Marky Mark

    This happened not too long ago with a photographer Nelson Tang who was sued for $300000 by his client Karen Poon (yes it was Poon v Tang). The pictures were good and the case is being dismissed.

    | |
  75. Arturo Sanroman

    The quality of the video is great and above what is spectated in a wedding video. The work of the filmmakers is professional.
    On the other side, the bride is nuts !… she’s just willing to pay the cost of the wedding. She has no rights to make any claim at all.

    | |
  76. Jesse

    I think people are missing what is actually being said, and the videos posted are totally misleading.

    “According to court documents, Nickchemny, the owner of Monica’s Bridal in Brooklyn, paid $12,750 to Visualez in August 2011 to produce a wedding video and a “love story” that would be played for the wedding guests at the reception. ”

    Key words: played for the wedding guests at the reception

    The videos posted include the ceremony and reception… so they obviously were not played at the reception, and they’re obviously not the video she’s talking about.

    | |
  77. Laura

    This bride did this photographer a favor – not only is her claim ridiculous & she should lose this case, but she got this person noticed and the awesome work they do – I won’t be shocked they will be booked solid for years to come!

    | |
  78. S.Miramontes

    Wow, the work was really good, magical at certain points! Bridezilla is either living in a fairy world with ridiculously absurd illusions and expectations or she is just trying to recoup some of the wedding costs. I’d understand if there was a breech of contract, and there very well may be, but I cannot imagine it being so bad as too prosecute the artist to the extent this customer has. Wow…

    A reality check to anyone even thinking about going into the Wedding side of things….

    | |
  79. Rafael

    Does the bride ever watched seinfeld?

    | |
  80. Brittany

    As a professional photographer whom photographs wedding I have to say that this bride is out of her mind! I think that they did a fabulous job on those videos. Her claims are absolutely ridiculous and if she wins this over in court it is all over for the rest of us! Its people like her as to why I have the liability coverage I do and also why I turn certain brides away. I wish this poor photographer this best of luck!

    | |
  81. Melissa G

    These two videos are lovely. What we are not seeing though is the alleged blooper video played for the guests at the reception. This is the one that Monica is upset about. It sounds to me there was a lost in translation. Maybe it was agreed that the reception video be light hearted and funny and in editing this idea was taken to heart.

    | |
  82. Lola

    Is that bride totally heartless and stupid or what??? I think the video is amazing!

    | |
  83. g

    I smell a DIVORCE in so not distant future. That woman is dang crazy!!!

    | |
  84. Taylor

    This is complete BS. The videos are fine, there is nothing wrong with them. Obviously this woman is just going after anyone she can to make a couple bucks.

    | |
  85. Derek

    For what it is worth, the bride owns a 10,000 sq. foot high-end bridal gown store. I would hope someone who makes their living in the wedding industry would be smarter than this. If the videographer missed key events or didn’t provide all the cameramen that were promised, then by all means seek a partial refund or sue for reasonable damages. But, she also claims that she was stricken with deep emotional distress upon viewing the video, which just seems over the top considering how good the video is. She should have known what the company’s style was and communicated what she was expecting well in advance. Plus, suing for 10x the amount of the contract doesn’t seem very reasonable.

    Considering the inflammatory nature of her remarks, I just wonder if there isn’t more to this story and if she might have a business interest in slandering these people. Just a thought.

    | |
    • Derek

      For what it’s worth, I found a story about Monica’s business and found this quote from a customer left in the comments section:

      “My experience with Monica herself wasnt so pleasant. She NEVER SMILES. If shes smiling to the author thats only because she knows shes going to write an article about her. Monica was rude, unhelpful, and her overall demeanor was ridiculous. Shes a young wealthy girl with an ego larger than her store. It was shocking.”

      That was written nearly three years ago.

      | |
    • S.Miramontes

      wow… and there it is… incredible. This pretty much sums up and validates what everyone here was thinking!

      | |
    • Derek

      You can also read numerous Yelp and Google reviews claiming extremely rude service from the salespeople and from Monica herself, and they all date back to before this story ever came out. Sounds to me like she has a bad attitude and a case of spoiled brat syndrome.

      | |
  86. JO JO

    The video is very good but I don’t think it’s worth 12K. I think that was a little too pricy.

    | |
  87. David Burckhard

    I’d have been proud to have produced this. I don’t know what video the bride was looking at but this one is done tastefully with high production value and thoughtful editing. The bride is taking “frivolous” to new heights.

    | |
  88. Diane Cayton Hakey

    Bridezilla. The video was perfection. They most likely over spent on the wedding and she needs the money from the lawsuit to make the Visa payments.

    | |
    • Ron Gross

      I wonder if she sued her husband, she seemed a little put off that she got all dressed up for their first date and he took her for burgers. I think that might have a little bait and switch. LOL Crazy lady….look I get what a lot of other are saying about these videos maybe not being the one she is suing over. I would tend to believe that if this is the quality here, the video she saw must have been comparable. and the face that she is not asking only for her money back but damages…really…hope people boycott her bridal shop.

      | |
  89. Susan

    Maybe I am a little out of touch with reality, but I never once expected to be taken to a five-star restaurant on a first date… or a second date…. It will be quite interesting to see how this shakes out as I expect there may be more to the story, but she does appear to be quite the princess.

    | |
  90. Tristan

    $122,000? I mean come on…get over yourself. Those videos were just gorgeous. The bride is just a horrible person! She just wants something for free. People like this make me sick.

    | |
  91. Justin

    She is obviously crazy! Anyone knows those are stunning videos!

    | |
  92. Marty

    Her last name, Nikchemny, sound like a gently americanized Polish word (“cz” substituted for “ch”), and translates to “vile” or “despicable”. Interesting…

    | |
  93. Ray Acosta

    wow the video was not bad at all… thats is just another greedy girl trying to get someone pay for her wedding.

    | |
  94. Teresa K

    This is exactly why contracts and courts of law exist. It will be interesting to see how the judge rules. I’m sure there is more to the story we aren’t seeing here.

    | |
  95. osvaldo

    Wow, this is why I think it twice before upgrading to 10k + wedding service. As for this I have a clause in my contract that estipulates that the quality of the work will be as the quality of my other works or better.

    | |
  96. Adam Pendleton

    Beautiful work. Just love those brides!

    | |
  97. René van der Westhuizen


    | |
  98. ashley

    I would like to see the love story video as well. She said she had a nervous breakdown while watching the video during her wedding. I wonder if she didn’t get to see the video before her wedding? Hmm..

    | |
  99. Bert McLendon

    They are probably getting a divorce and she wants some money back is my guess. =) The judge should watch the videos and dismiss this case immediately. Great videos.

    | |
  100. Victor Aulestia

    Beautifully done. She is nuts. The Judge will dismiss her complaint

    | |
  101. John c. Hieber

    Her claims are her side of the story. The two clips are the video productions side of the story. It was wise for them not to get involved in a he said she said. Obviously in this group of people the well done video examples provide a compelling argument on their behalf, but if she can prove that they didn’t provide videographers the russian speaking one and the crane then they have to prove that that wasn’t part of contract.

    It’s messy money matters of a high end Jewish wedding, what’d you expect?

    Anything, future videographers can take away from this.

    Talk to the couple thrice,

    once to show them your work and let them know you will require a contract. Did either of the couple do anything out of the norm? Did one roll their eyes? Did the other blow up on a kid or a small animal? If so, Take note and call them a week later and let them know that that day got booked.

    Second meeting, ask them about the venue and what they want from you. Do they want something obscene? Does the bride seem like she’s getting a little bit too excited Over details? Or camera angles? Or If you hear the word perfect in excess of thirty times. Take note and call them a week later and let them know that that day got booked.

    Third meeting, it can be the next day or even later that afternoon, bring the contract, use bullet points on what you promise to deliver.

    Sign a contract in which you Under promise, and over deliver your product.

    99.999percent of the time everyone will love you.

    If you have a horrible client that made it through the gauntlet. Then they are infact ninjas and I pity the next couple months of your life

    | |
  102. Rebekah

    Both films were amazing. The bride must be crazy.

    | |
  103. T

    People people I think we need to be kinder to the bride. I think maybe from all the muppets she had to kill to make her dress has caused a nervous breakdown and she is taking it out on the videographer

    | |
  104. Cinzia

    Video was awesome! great job! No one needs clients like them!

    | |
  105. Brian Jarreau

    The video is EXCELLENT!!

    I understand that missing some requested shots is a big problem however $72,000 in damages is INSANE! She is obviously -and I have no problem passing judgment- a spoiled rotten little shit, and the reason photographers have to carry massive amounts of insurance (aside form bodily injury) to so carefully protect ourselves.
    I DO believe there would be viable solutions to rectifying this outside of court , but if he has a decent lawyer — counter sue the shit out of that bitch and set an example. YOU CAN’T WALK ALL OVER US, WE’RE PROFESSIONALS TOO.

    | |
  106. CP1976

    I bet this claim is a crock. Just seems like a clever tactic to get traffic to this videographers work so they can get business. CLEARLY there is NOTHING wrong with her wedding video and the videographer knows this. It’s amazing!!

    | |
    • Brian Jarreau

      hummm, is a clever possibility. As we know, no press is bad– which is why Miley, Beiber exist…

      | |
  107. Gregory Hitchcock

    Am I the only one who realizes that the footage the bride is complaining about IS NOT the footage posted above?

    | |
  108. Graeme

    Well to be honest… we all come up against Bridezilla occasionally or worse the mother of…. Clearly this lady is one of those.. But whilst the video is extremely well shot… it does feature heavily on dance and doesn’t cover much of the day – it is definitely not an episode of Seinfeld which is funny. I’d say there is a bit of responsibility on both sides.. Just goes to what I say… you can’t beat a good stills photog! :)

    | |
  109. Madane

    Ummm… Where was the Seinfeld in this?! I was expecting to see superman in each frame or something. The videographer should countersue! For her to say he was not good is defamation of character!! The videos were very well done! She must be blind or something.

    | |
  110. Jack

    My wife is Jewish and from New York and I showed her the video and she liked it very much. Now remember this comes from her not me. She said “oh she’s a JAP. Ask me if you don’t know what the is.

    | |
  111. Lanna

    I just googled it and one of the first results is the news, where she is informed to have a company (that sells wedding dresses) with her own name….
    Probably just a bad way to get attention?

    | |
  112. Gavin Hardcastle

    errr…. when does the Seinfeld treatment kick in? I was expecting synthesized slap bass riffs and canned laughter. Instead I watched a professional looking production.

    | |
  113. Syed

    That was a wonderful video.
    She shouldn’t be doing that!
    She must go and see a psychiatric as she needed one!

    | |
  114. Drew Pluta

    A lifetime ago I managed the largest catering firm in my state. I personally handled over 700 weddings in that time period and that is exactly how I know the pain these people are dealing with right now. It is precisely why, as a photographer, I will never do anything even remotely related to weddings. I don’t know what it would take for me to ever consider working for a bride and her family of self entitled mutant back shavers.

    We could all probably critique and pick over certain aspects of these videos but in the end, they’re great. At their worst you have to say they’re competently done and well above average quality. The claim about not including certain aspects of the ceremony will probably come down to some kind of checklist or agreement that should have spelled all that out. From there it’s a determination of did they deliver the shot list or not.

    I feel for this company, it would appear that they did a really good job for a client that would never be satisfied.

    | |
  115. Andrew K.

    Whoa… these videos are great. WTF? If anything this should be a clue to the guy who married her to RUN like the wind.

    Girl be cra cra!!!

    | |
  116. Brent Stanley

    It’s important if you’re a photographer. Tell your client and in writing that you will do your best to facilitate specific requests but you cannot guarantee any of those shots. And that photographs will be taken at your professional discretion.

    | |
    • Brent Stanley

      Not just specific shots, but you cannot guarantee every shot but that the overall story of the wedding will be documented. When getting a 10 page list of shots the bride wants (which has happened to me believe it or not, 10+ pages!) be clear and in writing (contract) you cannot deliver every shot will turn out.

      I’ll be revisiting my agreement to make this one clear here. Last thing I want is to nail a wedding and have the bride or groom (usually an attorney who wants everything for free) try to pull a fast one in me and get me to stress and lose sleep! Cover your bases, I will be making sure to cover mine.

      | |
  117. Laurie

    Wow… sounds like this bride is the typical spoiled princess and if everything is not as she wants it 100% then everyone has to pay.
    To me, these were beautiful! I would have been so proud and honored to have such beautiful work done for my wedding.
    The courts better not give her a dime!

    | |
  118. OscarCesante

    I don’t see any problem with the video.It is the ongoing trend in the market in modern videography today.The Bride and the couple should be educated in this regards.The cinematographer who made all video is done a very good job.No need to sue.

    | |
  119. Darien Bakas

    You have to be kidding me…. The quality of this video and the editing is far above what I expected from the bride’s ridiculous claims. These are very well done and I can’t see any reason for the bride to be upset in any way.

    | |
  120. Gregory Hitchcock

    I am confused. The two clips posted above are clips showing the wedding day itself, preparation, vows, toasts, dancing, etc. The court brief speaks of a video which was produced before had, I guess of footage made before the wedding and showcasing how the couple met, and the poor quality of that is what the bride is suing over. We didn’t see that. Sure the clip above looks great but we only know that the the plaintive who is being sued was hired to make a video we haven’t seen. So we really don’t know what is going on here.

    | |
    • Andree

      Hit it on the nail! The complaint is about a video that is not added to this article, which is apparently so very confusing to everyone…

      That said, the things listed as not fulfilled could very possibly be a breach of contract. I wish we could see the actual video the complaint is about, although she probably doesn’t want it public at all!

      The videos submitted though are truly beautiful and top notch!

      | |
  121. jef

    I won’t troll but note the wife and husband names and stay away

    | |
  122. John

    The bride is nucking futs… The two films are well done …

    | |
  123. David Liang

    The truth is almost always somewhere in the middle.

    I’m a staff shooter for a wedding video studio and I also edit footage when we’re behind. Looking at the footage the shots were great, the cameramen are in good positions, the audio is incredible, they used very hi-end equipment, and the editing is well done.

    That said, per the brides claims, missing a signing of a contract and toasts, failing to provide the contracted number of cameramen, specifically a Russian speaking one are serious issues.

    Second, it’s easy for experienced editors to make highlights look amazing, especially if the shots are good to begin with. But that does not imply that the long videos include correct coverage, that speeches are not missed, events are not shown, audio problems did not occur. These issues can and do happen for numerous reasons, I know from experience.

    As far as her claim of turning over an incomplete film with weird sound effects like laughter and clapping. I can only assume the video company made a bad judgment call in adding foley effects. Any professional video company will not record live audio, but will record audio with lavalier mics and external recorders with direct feed from the mixer.
    Specifically where reception speeches are concerned, we want the cleanest audio direct from the mix to the mixer to the recorder. However, in that situation if whoever is making a speech tells a joke and the audience laughs, that laughter is not likely recorded or barely registers in the recording. The studio I work for tells this to the client and lets them know audience reactions for likely won’t be in the audio. From the sounds of it this company chose to record a seperate track or more likely used stock foley effects and inserted into the audio track during editing. If not done well it definitely sounds like a 90s sitcom laugh track.

    My person opinion is the video company appears very good and competent at their work, based on the footage seen above. But the footage above in no way indicates the quality and coverage of a complete 12-15 hour wedding. The bride specifically brought up issues in her claim not relating to the quality of the footage, specifically missed shots and not delivering on contracted number of cameramen. Those are real issues that a highlight will have nothing to do with. Those issues could be very real and is likely why she brought it to court.

    | |
    • Brent Stanley

      There’s no way to cover every single thing at a wedding and get every detailed shot per request. I always let my couples know I will do my best to facilitate special requests, but can’t make guarantees. Every shot is taken at my professional discretion.

      | |
    • David Liang

      I agree Brent but her complaint wasn’t that every single thing wasn’t covered. She specifically cited the signing of the Jewish marriage contract, that’s a pretty important thing, we have no less than 2 cameras during signing, one close one medium. As far as various toasts that she cites were missed, that depends on the situation. If it’s a short random toast during dinner, given at an unreachable table I can understand it not being recorded. But if it’s a toast during a speech then it absolutely should have been covered. If only more details were available as we can only speculate, but from her complaints it’s not the quality of the shots that the bride is in contention about. Also in in her complaint is the staffing of cameramen including that of a Russian speaking one. Irregardless of the footage we’ve been shown above, if there is a contracted number of cameramen, whom are paid for per hour or at a set rate, it’s a breach of contract not to have them present. So depending on whether or not she’s exaggerating or that they truly weren’t present, she might have cause there as well.

      It’s that certain specific shots were missed and that foley tracks were added that are not to her liking. As far as that is concerned it depends on whether or not it was discussed between her and the studio that they approved to add foley tracks.

      | |
    • Ocube

      I think it goes back to what was agreed in the contract. If specific guaranties were made then the videographer is in breech. If on the other hand, both of them assumed certain things would be covered then she will have a hard time winning… This is a good reason we should always manage the client expectations, get them to watch what you’ve done for others and most importantly, get a contract in writing!

      | |
    • Omnicool

      I agree with David that they seemed to have not delivered all that was promised in the contract. Now as for the quality of the video, it was great. Though, personally I thought it seemed more like a commercial. It would have not been bad enough for me to sue over. It was good and very professionally done.

      | |
    • Nicholas

      Speaking from experience Jewish weddings are one of the most complex weddings to capture on film. No one waits for the video & people even stand in front of your camera without thinking that they are blocking your shot. Sometimes you literally have to film over people shoulders. To cover a Jewish wedding effectively you need a lot of camera operators & pray you get the shot. Missing the signing of the marriage contract is a big mess-up as far as Jewish wedding go but we don’t know what the circumstances where that led to that. That said both highlights look great but as an editor myself I know that a highlight is not the full product & only the best parts are shown. What I think really caused this bride to sue is a lack of communication between the bride & the studio. She waited a year, paid a lot of money & was expecting a Hollywood movie, her expectations wasn’t met & possible overinflated by the studio at sale. I know it’s hard in our industry to find 4 great camera operator but if you sold her a package with 4 operators you need to have 4 & the crane. Suing for such a ridiculous amount is not acceptable to me.

      | |
    • jerin

      You are very true David.
      I did my first wedding video few months back. I totally got it wrong. I missed few events which were important for them, because of language barrier (They were from Samoa). Secondly I missed some speeches because my Canon 5d 32 card filled up. But you don’t believe when I showed her the highlight video, she literally cried. She later called me and said there are few things missing told her the difficulties I faced with language and some gear failures and she was very nice and understanding.

      So all those people who think this video look fantastic should know that the problems she raised are in 2 hour full video. An expert editor will always know how to make highlight video look cinematic because he only uses best clips from the wedding.

      In my case lady was nice and I got away with it. But I still think the amount she asking is ridiculous.

      | |
  124. Mike

    Beautiful videos! Cases like this are the reason I don’t do weddings. I’ll be a second any day, but it seems like every week read about another wedding gone bad.

    Maybe the bride should be upset that nobody (including herself) could say anything heartfelt without having to read a pre-planned statement off a piece of paper.

    | |
    • Lori Stevens

      Or maybe they were as fed up with her egomania as everyone else. TWO wedding dresses? The first one obviously said, “LOOK AT ME!!!!” And the second one was just as obnoxious. I could see her getting ‘hysterical’ – because she could tell no one really wanted to be there and it showed?

      | |
  125. Michelle Ford

    i’m so insanely confused. i don’t get where her issue was for the delivered clips both versions look great. it looked like a fun wedding w a lot of smiles and a great story line put together. it’s hard to make these video edits including EVERYTHING. she claims that pieces were missed like Jewish marriage contract and various toasts maybe the footage was there but not included coz it didn’t fit into the flow? artistic license… some videographers don’t give the client edit options. the claim regarding failure to provide a promised camera crane, four digital cameramen, and a Russian-speaking videographer might be more the issue. did she pay for those specifically and were they contractual? ok i would have issue if i paid for something to be included but wasn’t provided.

    | |
  126. jonathan

    what was the bride on when she was watching this. I thought the video was decent.

    | |
  127. Dave

    Wow no offence, but there’s a lot of expensive equipment used, and professional skills invested in that Movie, I was expecting something awful , but the editing alone, never mind the camera work and audio is excellent. I hope the videographer counter sues, It does seem like a very unwise way to reclaim her wedding budget.

    | |
  128. Shawna

    She isn’t going to win anything. This video is lovely!

    | |
    • Bora

      Its very plain that she is looking to cover wedding costs at professional’s expense. Videos are awesome! Sound picture!- motion) layers and altogether.
      I guess whoever was paying for wedding had an issue so they decided to go after someone else.
      i will sign petition for this guy – company to win the case! !! !who is in?

      | |
    • Abe

      I don’t think she’s going to win either, but judging from the wedding I’m seeing, this could be an affluent couple, cheapos but surely they must come from an affluent circle. The problem then is that this videographer is going to spend a lot of money defending himself in court. Sad.

      | |
  129. Marcel Bauer

    man oh man, I really feel sorry for the guy who married this chick, she is obviously crazy and money hungry!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the video, matter of fact it is very well done. Sounds to me like she is just looking for a way to make easy money and recoop cost of the wedding!!!!!!!!!!

    | |
    • Melinda

      Exactly what I was thinking! She is just looking for a way to pay back her wedding. There is nothing wrong with these videos. I would happily turn down clients I think are going to be trouble. But sometimes it can be hard to tell from just one consultation.

      | |
    • Sam Dennis

      I think that the speech at 11:25 is a perfect example of what is really going on here. This woman is a gold digger. From a professional format these video clips are hitting the mark. Is it the most amazing? No, but it still scores very high in professional look and format. This is just a good reminder to why we need rock solid contracts in place.

      | |
    • Zach Swan

      She’s not the sharpest tool in the toolbox, that’s for sure: “…that I only dreamt about in my dreams…” – sugar, where else are you going to dream about things other than in your dreams? Good luck buddy.

      These videos are very well done and by commercial standards, incredibly inexpensive. I do wonder if these are what is being litigated though since it is rather impossible to show a video at the reception that includes edited video of the complete reception.

      | |
    • Bill Ferris

      Mr. Dennis’s comment, “This is just a good reminder to why we need rock solid contracts in place,” is on the mark. The sample videos linked to in the article clearly illustrate that the company being sued is capable of delivering excellent work. If those videos are representative of the quality of work delivered in the video in question, the lesson for professional photographers and videographers is simple. Even if your work is of the highest quality, a client can still choose to sue over results they perceive to be inferior or to not have met their expectations. A good contract protects both the client and the professional providing the service. While it may seem a hassle in the short term, in the long run a contract that clearly spells out the terms of the agreement, what the deliverables will be and protects the service provider’s reasonable exercise of creative/artistic license can go a long way towards avoiding a lengthy and costly legal battle. It is not uncommon for both parties involved in a lawsuit to be quite reasonable people. It’s also not uncommon for a contact that leaves both parties expecting something different from the arrangement to result in a suit or battle of some sort.

      | |
    • Arnel

      That’s exactly what I thought. The amount of the suit seems odd–122000.00? Seems like that’s about what that wedding cost. Just sayin…

      | |
  130. John

    Wedding clients are the worst. I had to get out for my mental well-being. I was turning into a raging misanthropist. It’s brutal seeing so many people who are beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside. My only satisfaction came from knowing that their punishment was that they had to tolerate each other for the rest of their lives. Good luck, I say.

    Commercial clients are the best. They understand how revisions work. They understand how delivery dates work. They understand that it’s not cameras that make people look fat. They understand contracts. They aren’t self-absorbed and entitled. They pay on time and more. They are better in every. single. way.

    | |
    • Graham Marley

      I’ve got pretty good at turning certain wedding clients down. I’ve worked too hard to let some psychopath ruin my life. If you want me to come and shoot and do my best and have a positive experience, awesome. If you want to obsess and project your insane mental narrative on the rest of the planet at the expense of my misery? No.

      Case in point: If she runs a New York bridal shop, chances are she’s bonkers.

      | |
    • Mike

      I got out of the wedding business for the same reason. There were lots of great clients, but the bad ones were really bad, and I would be a wreck after having dealt with them.

      My guess is simply that there was a communication gap. She expected one thing while the videographer was promising something else. That is usually how these things go.

      | |
  131. Todor Kolev

    Is it me or are the clips pretty good?

    | |
    • Sielgaudis

      It’s not just You. In my opinion clips are really good. That is for sure!

      | |
    • Corey

      This video looks great. From the quality i see in this video they shot it with top notch gear and the editing is great. This is a classic case of bridezilla.

      | |
  132. David

    Um, the Bride’s claims are ridiculous. That is a wonderful video and very heartfelt a very professional. Sounds like she must be “a real gem”.

    | |
    • Juvenall

      To be fair here, the claim is over the video shown at the reception. The posted videos, while solid, include footage from the reception itself so I don’t think these are the basis of the suit. I’d love to see the video the bride is upset over before I make a judgement.

      | |
    • Carlee

      I have to agree… First of all whoever was giving the speech even said that she was expecting her now husband to take her to a 5 star restaurant on their first date and oh no he took her out for burgers… First of all she should be happy he took her out at all… I actually felt A LOT of emotions out of both videos and I would hire this guy he did good… considering the way her wedding looked and how extravagant it looked it doesn’t surprise me she complaining she does not seem like she can be pleased… poor videographer…

      | |