The Federal Court of Australia ordered a wedding photography and videography company in Perth, Australia to cease trading as the result of a $368,000 unpaid tax debt.

Here are the basic facts according to this WA Today article:

  • At risk is a total of about $400,000 paid for undelivered goods and deposits.
  • An anonymous former employee at Launch Film Productions said he thinks hundreds of couples could be impacted.
  • Consumer Protection has received over 50 calls and emails after the initial statement was released.
  • Launch Film Productions had been in business for for 14 years.
  • An anonymous bride said she paid $5,395 for both photography and videography package and hasn’t received any photos or footage.
  • Consumers who are awaiting products from Launch Films or have future bookings should contact Consumer Protection by email or call 1300 30 40 54.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers liquidator Katie Blyth can also be contacted on 9238 3000.

More information can be found on WA Today.

Conclusion and Thoughts

For members of the photography and videography community, this story is another reminder of our responsibility as artists and business owners to run a legitimate, law abiding business.

Failure to do this results in much more than just harming your own business.  Irresponsible wedding photography and cinematography businesses can potentially rob people of precious memories that are impossible to recreate or relive.