In the grand scheme of wedding photography, photos of wedding rings aren’t usually of high priority, but, they do allow for your creativity to shine through. Wedding ring photos can be the perfect way to impress your client at the start of the day by personalizing the props you use or finding an interesting composition.

Since we’re in the middle of wedding season, we thought we would turn to our ‘Master Wedding Photography‘ Facebook community for some unique wedding ring photography inspiration. We’ve gathered 5 techniques that incorporate creative lighting & composition to help you create stunning wedding ring photos at your next wedding!

The featured image of this article was captured by Lissette & Orlando Suarez of Viridian Images.

1. Incorporate Props That Are Personal to the Couple

Find objects that are pertinent to your couples’ love story or relationship that can be incorporated into your wedding ring photos. This can even be something that you discuss with your clients beforehand to ensure that they bring something with them that is meaningful. Here are some examples of wedding ring photos incorporating props:

Image by Jason Vinson – Website | Instagram

Image by Jeff Tisman – Website | Instagram

“The couple loves Swedish Fish and they had it out as the treat on the table settings so I tried thinking of something that would be meaningful to them and arranged the fish in a school and made the rings the air bubbles.”

Image by Ben Nguyen – Website | Instagram


Image by Lissette Suarez & Orlando Suarez – Website | Instagram

Photographers Lissette & Orlando “definitely try to personalize ring shots for each client according to their interests”. After they get the traditional macro closeup ring shot, they “get a second ring shot catered just to the couple’s favorite things or to match the theme of their wedding.” In this case, the couple was a big fan of DC Comics.

2. Use Water/Liquid to Add Interest

This setup requires a bit more time and patience but yields in some pretty spectacular results. Over the past several years we’ve seen tons of creative wedding ring photos incorporating water in many forms: mist, splash, reflections, etc. Here are some of our favorites submitted by our community members:

Image by Bayarerdene Ulziisaikhan – Website | Instagram

Using a Spray Bottle, you can create a mist effect to make it appear as though it’s raining or just add particles into the atmosphere for some effect.

Image by Nik Morina – Website | Instagram

Nik used a bottle of water to create this splashing effect and paired it with an off-camera flash to freeze the motion of the water. The key to getting the right type of action is to take multiple shots to get a variety of options and then choose the best version in post.

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Image by Victor Escandon – Website | Instagram

“I shot the ring underwater held down by wire and then added the blue acrylic ink with a syringe.” In order to pin light the rings, he then placed “two flashes on each side of the vase of water with MagGrids” to control the light spill. While the shot took two attempts due to the uncertainty of how the ink would flow, it was well worth it for the dynamic result.

3. Create Light Patterns with Natural Light or OCF

Photography is simply the study and understanding of light. We are constantly in search of perfect light to help shape, define, and highlight our subjects, and it’s no different when it comes to the objects we shoot. Get creative by finding a small sliver of light that creates a leading line or create a complex light pattern with off-camera flashes.

Image by Michael Ramos – Website | Instagram

Image by PYE JIRSA – Website | Instagram

Using two off-camera flashes, Pye created this stand-out image using a seat cushion as a backdrop. You can actually watch the BTS of how this image was shot here!

Image by Jeff Tisman – Website | Instagram

“In between two walls, I saw the angle of the light and the thought just came to me.” It’s images like this that make you want to pause and study the light around you to see if you can making something ordinary into extraordinary!

4. Find Creative Compositions with Objects Around You

While you are on the hunt to find that perfect stream of light, take a look at what objects you have around you that give context to the wedding. Sometimes this means grabbing a magazine or coffee table book and browsing to see what you can use that can aide in your composition.

Image by Lissette SUAREZ & Orlando Suarez – Website | Instagram

Image by Nick & Kelly Giardina – Website | Instagram

“We try to integrate something important or relevant to the client in detail shots. In this case, they were total fitness nuts.”

Image by Lissette SUAREZ & Orlando Suarez – Website | Instagram

Image by Citlalli Rico – Website | Instagram

“When I have time, I take care of details and shoot them as if they were people: compose them, light them properly to enhance them in a creative way.”

5. Try Creating A Ring Silhouette

Often times, wedding rings have intricate details carved into them or create unique silhouettes. While most of the time we focus on lighting them up to showcase the jewels or design, a silhouette brings the viewers attention to the shape of the ring which brings a unique perspective to the traditional ring shot.

Image by Jason Vinson – Website | Instagram

Which wedding ring photo technique was your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below! We hope this article helped to inspire you to create outstanding wedding ring photos and maybe push you outside the box to start thinking of creative ways to compose and photograph a very important detail at your next wedding! For more helpful tips to boost your wedding ring photography, check out this list of 10 tips and creative ideas for better wedding ring photos that we put together for our friends at Adorama.

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