A lot of you guys have been asking how we get our rings to stand up in our Lin & Jirsa Photography wedding detail shots. In these shots, the groom’s ring is lying flat on the surface and the bride’s ring is standing up and pointing up to the heavens, showing off its glorious detail. So how do we keep the ring from falling over? The answer is simple.

01-fairmont-newport-beach-wedding-photographer by Lin and Jirsa
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Video Tutorial

It’s Putty, Buddy

The secret behind our wedding detail shot is actually Elmer’s Putty. It is simple, effective, readily available in craft stores, and best of all, really inexpensive.

Elmers Putty

To use it, all you need to do is take a small piece of putty and make a little ball with it. You place the groom’s ring horizontally on a flat surface and the putty ball in the middle of that ring. Then, you place the bride’s ring standing up on the putty. The putty will hold up the ring and as long as you have a small enough piece, you won’t see it in your shots.


One Word of Caution

The one thing you need to know about putty is that whatever surface you stick putty on, it leaves a little bit of oil on it. So whatever you do, do not try to stick putty on the bride’s dress because it will leave some oil residue on it. In fact, the putty will leave oil stain on anything that is white, so if you are going to use it, make sure it’s not something that is supposed to be used for the wedding. We recommend putting it on a surface that won’t matter if there is some oil on it, like a marble countertop.

As for the ring itself, the putty won’t damage or stain the ring at all, so just wipe down the ring after using the putty and you’re good to go!


So that is the secret to our wedding detail shot. The putty is a great, inexpensive item for your toolkit, and it will help you get some very cool images. You can buy the putty on Amazon for $5.