Weddings are a major photography market, though it appears that many photographers are not doing their jobs well enough. According to a recent infographic put out by New York Magazine titled “What Do You Regret Splurging On?” it is revealed that 21% of brides wish they had spent more on photos vs only 12% that said they thought they had paid too much for their photos.


That is all fine and good, but how many brides were actually polled? Apparently only 100 brides. If that puts ant doubt in your mind know that apparently Shutterfly found the same exact thing (21%) back when they polled over 500 brides back in 2011.

Where this infographic fails is that it sheds no light onto WHY these brides wished they had spent more on photos. Was it due to the quality of the final images? The amount of images they received? The quality or number of prints? Did they not like their photographer? There are many variables here, but the one constant is a photographer with an unsatisfied client (whatever the reason may be).


{Photo Courtesy of Angela Smith Photography}

If I were a full time wedding photographer (btw – If anyone from Oregon is looking for a 2nd shooter hit me up) I would jump all over this with my marketing. Use this to add value to your work. Poll your brides a few months after you finish their order and see how happy they still are with your photos. If you find out your brides are not happy then you know you have something to work on, but if they are still happy use that information to help sell your studio.

[via Peta Pixel via Huffington Post]