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gunlight Tips & Tricks

Wedding Reception Venue Photography Tutorial

By Christopher Lin on September 23rd 2012

Here’s an interesting technique for painting in detail into the shadows of dark wedding venues. Awesome Beverly Hills photographer (and our mentor) John Solano shows off how to do this with a Lowel GL-1 Gun Light

The idea of this technique is to place your camera on a tripod with low ISOs and long shutter speeds. In order to bring out the shadows you use a light gun to paint in the shadows while the shutter is open.

What do you think? Have you ever tried this technique?

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  1. Ed Rhodes

    really like the idea of this technique as well. you could probably get the same results from a cheaper light.

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  2. Jeff Lopez

    I really like the idea of this technique, I will have to give it a try. I have a few tripods but they always seem to be too heavy or too light and “cheap” feeling. Would you recommend a good tripod for weddings that’s not too light and cheap but not too heavy and bulky? Thanks!

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  3. Anonymous

    As a beginner photographer, i am more excited with the technique and possibilities that abound as opposed to the actual results.

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  4. Anonymous

    Being an

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  5. Ricardo Consonni

    To be true, I think he overdid it in most shots, and could have done a better job in the rest. I really couldn’t see why he couldn’t have used a regular flashlight.

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    • Troybal

      I would assume that Flash would create unwanted shadows.

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  6. Amanda Flagg

    It all seems really over-exposed to me. If there was more allowance for ambient light, I could see how picking spots to highlight would be useful. But at the moment there’s not really any interest to the addition of the light. Just kicking up some shadows. Like the previous poster said, you could do that with a flashlight. I was hoping for more creativity with the venue’s great ambient lighting. Too bright! I don’t NEED to see all the dings and bobbles in the black ceiling – there’s a reason they paint those black.

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  7. Per Zangenberg Kristensen

    LoL, I could only see a slight difference in some of the photos and you could easily do the same with a speedlight or regular flashlight…

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    • Michael H Reed

      I’m with you there Per Zangenberg Kristensen , its probably not as harsh as a speedlight but then how would you go about selling the GL-1 if you just used the speedlight ;)

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