My 3 year old son, Cole knows I’m a photographer and knows I shoot weddings. He really doesn’t understand this or isn’t the slightest bit interested in the photos I show him (would you be aged 3?). He’s a big fan of everything Toy Story, though,  so I decided to shoot a wedding just for him, using everyone’s favorite spud couple, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.


I tried to shoot a number of the “conventional” wedding images, like the shoes, confetti and groups shots. Seeing the camera in the box of accessories also gave me the idea of Uncle “Spud” always trying to get the shot. The first idea I had was one of the wedding breakfast with potato being served. Shocking, I know.

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The Details:


leeds-wedding-photographer_0290 leeds-wedding-photographer_0282 leeds-wedding-photographer_0284

The First Look:leeds-wedding-photographer_0285leeds-wedding-photographer_0283

The Ceremony:

Family Formals:leeds-wedding-photographer_0286

“Get out of the way, Uncle Spud!”leeds-wedding-photographer_0287

Reception Details:leeds-wedding-photographer_0289

Nighttime portraits:leeds-wedding-photographer_0293 leeds-wedding-photographer_0294 leeds-wedding-photographer_0295 To be honest I could have gone on for ages shooting images for this. It was so much fun. I might even re-visit it at some point to add some more! Cole is a big Power Ranger fan, so you may see the nuptials of some Rangers soon.

You can see more of my work  here and a my blog which documents Cole growing up here.

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