Neurocam-reads-brain-wavesTired of pressing a button to take a photo? Let your brain do the work for you.

In the wake of Google Glass (the wearable computer with voice activation that responds to commands such as, “take a photo,”), Neurocam has created a device uses it’s sensors to analyze your brainwaves and automatically start recording video when your brain shows an interest in something.

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Making it’s debut at Japan’s Human Sensing 2013 conference, this hands free device works with an iPhone strapped on the users head. Neurocam app will quantify your level of interest by measuring your brain’s activity based on a scale of 0-100. Once it exceeds 60, the device will begin recording. The camera uses prisms to record what is in your line of sight. These recordings are then turned into 5 second GIFs.

Besides the obvious awkward look of strapping an iPhone to the side of one’s head and my personal fear of frying all my brain cells with radioactivity, there’s also a slight paranoia of Big Brother brainwashing me using subliminal messages sent through the app. I think I may stick to the old fashioned way of clicking a button.

What do you think? Scary mind reading device, or ultra cool new invention that has huge possibilities? Let me know in the comments below.

(via @Gizmodo)