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Watch: How One Off-Camera Flash Turns Ordinary into Extraordinary

By Pye Jirsa on June 25th 2016

In our other articles and videos, we’ve previously demonstrated how to Recreate Golden Hour as well as how to recreate the sun and enhance bright and airy portraiture.

While filming for the latest installment of the Wedding Workshop, we showed you, via Facebook Live, my latest method to imitate sunlight to create interesting and dynamic imagery by using only one off-camera flash. Check it out here:

If you’re unable to see the video above, please click on the direct link to our SLR Lounge Facebook Post Here.

During the second day of filming our Wedding Workshop at the Monarch Beach Resort, we took our couple into the famous, and oft-photographed grand staircase. As beautiful as the room is, depending on the time of day, you may not always have that lovely backlighting to work with. So for these images, I placed the couple in the middle of the rotunda and set up a flash high above and behind them, where it kind of blends into the doorway. We used a MagMod grid to get more control of the light to get the feeling that the sun is coming through the window.

Using my Canon 1DX II and Sigma 35mm Art at 1/200th, f/1.4 and low ISO, this is the image I get without the light.


Natural Light – Canon 1DX II and Sigma 35mm Art at 1/200th, f/1.4


Then we turn on the Phottix Mitros Plus transmitter set at full power, adjust our subjects and take the image again. This time, our image has this beautiful sun-kissed looked where it looks like the light is pouring in from the windows, creating shadows on the ground and makes for a much more dynamic and interesting photo.


OCF – Canon 1DX II and Sigma 35mm Art at 1/200th, f/1.4

The above clip is one of the many lessons that will be taught in the Couples Session section of the new Wedding Workshop. More about the workshop below.

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  1. Kelvin Strepen

    Really, Pye is a great photographer.

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  2. Ron Fya

    As pro as Pye is, I really wonder how a wedding photographer can dare recording a video like that on a client’s wedding day. It is taking their already short time off, possibly worrying them, which can’t be good for the photographer’s appreciation. Even with the couple’s blessing, I wouldn’t do it to avoid them regretting doing it (be it legitimate or not).

    | |
  3. Steve Urwin

    Great work as alway Pye! Keep it up

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  4. Alex Kartashov

    Pye’s a great photographer.

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  5. Aziz Admary

    beautiful shot Pye! did you fixed the issue with the combination of the 1DXm2 and the Sigma 35mm 1.4 or did i missed something?

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  6. Stephanie Wood

    Wow, gorgeous! Also, never realized you pronounced your name jeer-za, I always read it as jer-za. Lol

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