I always hated rebates.  Waiting 2-3 months for a lousy $40 in the mail just wasn’t the most exciting way to save money, you know?  That, and the whole Sandisk rebate scam / fiasco from a few years back, with that shady rebate out-source company.  I forget if anything was ever proven or settled, but it certainly left a bad taste in my mouth about rebates in general.

Thankfully, Canon’s 5D mk2 rebate (Good until October 27th) is an instant rebate!  I don’t even know why they call it a “rebate”, really it’s just a huge discount.  Either way, I appreciate that Canon has skipped the mail-in nonsense and given us a flat-out discount.

By the way, Nikon’s new rebates are also instant, unfortunately there is not a $400 rebate on the Nikon D700.  Why?  I almost forgot.  It’s discontinued…  :-(  However you can still get some rebates on the new D600, which we are currently testing!  (More on that later.)

Click here to order the Canon 5D mk2 from Amazon for $1799!

Click here to order the Canon 5D mk2 from B&H for $1799!

Click here to orde the Canon 5D mk2 from Adorama for $1799!


As a full-time wedding photographer, I’ve always struggled with the 5D mk2’s autofocus, which is why I’ve stayed a Nikon owner over the years.  However, my hobby and passion is still landscape photography, which is one area where the Canon 5D mk2 absolutely shines.  And now you just can’t beat a price like this, especially considering that it includes a handful of features that were left out of the new, budget-priced full-frame Canon 6D and Nikon D600.  The $400 instant rebate is scheduled to last until October 27th, however to be honest at a price like this, and with the camera being so close to discontinuation, if I were you I’d order soon!

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