Camera bags have been around for ages, but so many of them are just plain ugly, with no style, and are only meant for that one function; being a camera bag. Enter the WANDRD PRVKE: a stylish, pragmatic, do-everything pack. It will seamlessly accompany you on a photo shoot, on multi-day travel, as well as for everyday carry. Doing so with a graceful mix of cleverly designed access points, expandability, weather-resistance, and utility.

About the Name

Before digging into this bag, let´s talk about the name WANDRD PRVKE. Can you pronounce it? Do you know what does it mean? It´s difficult to recommend this bag to anyone if our spell check keeps screwing up the name. However, the story behind is quite interesting. 

“The Wandered” is a tribute to those who explore and live life at the moment. After having chosen the name for the company, the founders tried to register it online, but it had a cost of $20,000. Just by removing the vowels, the price dropped to $9.99 and that´s how WANDRD was born.

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Initial thoughts


  • Robust construction that can handle the elements
  • Good looking.
  • Pockets everywhere!
  • Useful accessories
  • Very adaptable


  • Limited space for bigger camera equipment, such as big objectives 
  • Some compartments are tedious to access
  • Magnetic carrying handles aren’t very strong

Size and Weight 

Weighing in at 1.3 kg and having a volume of 31 liters (expandable to 36 liters), the PRVKE is actually on the lighter side of travel backpacks.

The PRVKE 31‘s lightness is remarkable considering how rugged it is and how much it can hold. Measuring 19″x12.5″x7.5″, the PRVKE is also quite compact given its total volume. Nearly every inch of this bag is used for storage, so it’s hard to believe that this backpack could be any smaller. It is, in my opinion, perfect size and weight-wise.

WANDRD Mini Review

Technical Specifications 

prvke comparison

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Materials: Waterproof Tarpaulin and Robic 1680D Ballistic Nylon. Weather Resistant Zippers.


  • Dimensions: 17″H X 11″W X 6.5″D
  • Volume: 21 L to 25 L (roll-top fully extended)
  • Weight: 1.3 kg (2.8 lbs) 


  • Dimensions: 19″H X 12.5″W X 7.5″D
  • Volume: 31 L to 36 L (roll-top fully extended)
  • Weight: 1.5 kg (3.4 lbs)

Convenient for Travelers 

For those who fly often, the PRVKE 31 is a handy travel companion. It meets carry-on requirements, so you won’t have to worry about your gear getting banged around in the cargo hold.

WANDRD also promises that getting through airport security with this bag will be a breeze, thanks in part to its “lay flat design” that is TSA friendly. By just opening the bag and laying it flat on the belt, the bag can easily pass through the TSA’s X-Ray machines without a hassle.


Who is it for?

It’s for those who desire a versatile bag that can suit several gear configurations, including “one bag travel”, and camera and/or drone needs, especially in its 31L iteration. The number of pockets, both hidden and not, provides a wealth of options. All coupled with a huge main compartment that includes some organization with an optional camera cube, and a built-in partition that can be used or tucked away. It’s for the worker, the traveler, and the explorer who needs to carry lots of gear; it’s indeed a comfortable and functional pack.  

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The internal compartment can be divided in two with a Velcro separator or used as one large space by folding the separator flat against the front. There is a zipped flap between the lower section and the back clamshell opening, and a zipped mesh flap between the upper section and the back. In the clamshell back section, there are two laptop/iPad sleeves.

Build & Ruggedness

Made of a watertight tarpaulin skin and an inner nylon layer, the WANDRD PRVKE 31 is built to last. All the zippers feel solid and high-quality.

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After some weeks of intensive usage, the only issue I’ve had is having a slight tear scratch in the G-hook metal buckle by laying it flat over the pavement. 

This is only minor and is likely from the strain of packing the bag tightly. Luckily, WANDRD provides a lifetime warranty for this bag, a testament to the build quality.

Photography bundles

The PRVKE can be used purely as a travel bag, or in conjunction with a removable camera cube. You can buy two sizes of camera cubes – the “Essential” size fits in the lower half of the internal compartment, and the “Pro” size fills the entire space.

Access points

The PRVKE has multiple entry points, designed perfectly to suit a photographer on the go.

It has a clamshell opening, allowing you to zip open and completely fold down the back, accessing the entire contents of the bag. This makes packing and unpacking a doddle, and it’s easy to find whatever you’re looking for.

 It also has a side opening in the lower half of the bag, allowing you to swing it around to your front and easily access the inside of the bag without having to stop and open the whole thing up. This is perfect for quickly grabbing your camera out of the bag, or putting it away.

Finally, you can access the contents of the bag via the expandable roll-top, which also offers an extra carrying capacity. 

Storage Pockets

The PRVKE has five storage pockets accessed from the outside, and one on the inside.

Internally, there is a small zipped pocket on the inner side flap, with three expandable mesh pouches, plus some extra room. This is the perfect spot for holding memory cards or spare batteries in place, plus a cable or such like. Externally, there is a large pocket at the front of the bag, perfect for slim items like maps, notebooks, magazines, and so on. There is a fleece-lined pouch at the top-back of the bag, ideal for storing delicate items like sunglasses or phones that you don’t want to get scratched. Another discreet pocket is found at the side near the top, with a fixed keychain holder inside.

Appearance & Fit 

The WANDRD PRVKE is a hipster-style bag, with the fashion-conscious photographer in mind. It draws little attention to itself as a camera bag, but lots of compliments for how unique it looks.

How It Looks

The straps are a comfortable amount of thickness and the bag distributes the weight nicely – even when fully loaded with gear it didn’t hurt my shoulders. The waist belt and chest strap are nice touches and might be appreciated if you were taking the PRVKE on a long outdoor adventure.

Two removable accessory straps are also included in the photography bundle. These can be attached to various anchor points, thoughtfully positioned around the bag. You can use them to strap a tripod or roll mat to the bottom or strap them across the back of the bag to hold a yoga mat, bulky jacket, or such like.

Tech Pouch and Toiletry Bag

Designed to fit right in with the existing WANDRD lineup of bags like the PRVKE and FERNWEH, these new accessory bags are meant to bridge the gap between Camera/Gear Bags and true Travel Bags for their users. 

Key Features

  • Tech Pouch comes in three sizes; Toiletry Bag comes in two
  • Made from weather-resistant N420 HD Ripstop with 5 PM Coating
  • 2 quick-grab side handles; Secure grip pass-through handle; 2 access pockets
  • Each Pouch/Bag has a unique webbing loop and clip system on its back panel — connect any two together to create a mega Pouch/Bag
  • Use Clip system to attach to the Accessory Strap loops on the outside of the PRVKE or DUO
  • Carry strap works universally on both the Tech Pouch and Toiletry Bag

Tech Pouch

The Large Tech Pouch is a 2-liter tech and gear organizer. It has 1 oversized exterior zippered fleece-lined phone pocket with cable passthrough and one main pocket with internal organization. Both pockets have extra-long zippered openings for easy access to your gear. Inside the main pocket, you will find 5 elastic mesh pockets in varying sizes and 2 pen/pencil loops. Designed to organize items small to large the Large Tech Pouch is perfect for those extra-large items such as PC chargers, hard drives, etc. The Large Tech Pouch comes with 2 secure gatekeeper hardware pieces for use in attaching the Pouch to the Accessory Strap loops found on the front of our PRVKE Line or DUO Daypack adding expanded carrying capacity and quick access to your gear. The gatekeeper hardware can also be used to attach any 2 of the Tech Pouches together to create the perfect organization for your needs.

Toiletry Bag

The Large Toiletry Bag is a 3.5-liter travel and daily use toiletries organizer. It has 2 zippered pockets with internal organization in both of them. The front pocket has 2 elastic mesh pockets and 1 large zippered pocket. Inside the zippered pocket, you will find a webbing loop with a snap for keeping rings, hoop earrings, etc secure and organized. The main pocket has 1 zippered pocket and 1 antimicrobial sleeve for keeping your toothbrush clean and securely in place. The internal liner material has a PU coating so if you have any unexpected spills you can easily wipe them away and clean the bag out. On the outside back panel of the Large Toiletry bag, you will find 3 pockets. The middle pocket contains an oversized hook for hanging the Bag. 

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The Carry Strap

The Carry Strap was designed to transform any of the three Tech Pouches or two Toiletry Bags into stand-alone sling or fanny pack gear carrying solutions. Made using non-banded nylon webbing, secure gate-keeper hardware, and a quick-release adjustable magnetic buckle the Carry Strap is durable, comfortable, and easy to use.


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To sum up the WANDRD PRVKE, two words come to mind: stylish & functional.

Designed for the outdoors, this bag feels well-engineered in terms of comfort, something which other manufacturers overlook for the sake of fitting in every piece of camera kit possible.

For those who want a backpack that can do a little bit of everything, is durable, and looks good in the process, the WADNRD PRVKE 31 is an excellent investment. At 31 (expandable to 36) liters, this backpack can hold quite a bit and there are plenty more pockets to hold everything else. Thanks to its robust weather-resistant design, your belongings will be safe as well. Add in some customizable straps and a sleek sexy design and you have a backpack that can do near anything.

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