Ready for all your 2021 needs — from daily carry to road trips, and those coveted far-away adventures — WANDRD introduces tech pouches and toiletry bags. Designed to fit right in with the existing WANDRD lineup of bags like the PRVKE and FERNWEH, these new accessory bags are meant to bridge the gap between Camera/Gear Bags and true Travel Bags for their users. These kits will make it easier for the wandering photographer to take everything they need with them for a weekend (or longer) adventure.

“Going into this project, we knew we had a complicated problem ahead of us, as Tech and Toiletry carry needs are as varied as the fish in the sea,” says Spencer Cope, WANDRD co-founder and lead designer. “We wanted to create a solution that would suit it all — daily carry, short trips, long trips, and every carry/trip situation in between. Ultimately, we ended up designing multiple sizes of each product to create the most versatile Tech and Toiletry carry we’ve ever seen.”

WANDRD Toiletry Kit Heather 110

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Need to Know Features:

  • Tech Pouch comes in three sizes; Toiletry Bag comes in two
  • Made from weather-resistant N420 HD Ripstop with 5 PM Coating
  • 2 quick-grab side handles; Secure grip pass-through handle; 2 access pockets
  • Each Pouch/Bag has a unique webbing loop and clip system on its back panel — connect any two together to create a mega Pouch/Bag
  • Use Clip system to attach to the Accessory Strap loops on the outside of the PRVKE or DUO
  • Carry strap works universally on both the Tech Pouch and Toiletry Bag

Tech Large

The Wandrd Tech Pouch 

The Large Tech Pouch is a 2-liter tech and gear organizer. It has 1 oversized exterior zippered fleece-lined phone pocket with cable passthrough and one main pocket with internal organization. Both pockets have extra-long zippered openings for easy access to your gear. Inside the main pocket, you will find 5 elastic mesh pockets in varying sizes and 2 pen/pencil loops. Designed to organize items small to large the Large Tech Pouch is perfect for those extra-large items such as PC chargers, hard drives, etc. The Large Tech Pouch comes with 2 secure gatekeeper hardware pieces for use in attaching the Pouch to the Accessory Strap loops found on the front of our PRVKE Line or DUO Daypack adding expanded carrying capacity and quick access to your gear. The gatekeeper hardware can also be used to attach any 2 of the Tech Pouches together to create the perfect organization for your needs.


Key Features

  • Weather-resistant materials
  • 2 quick-grab side handles
  • Secure grip pass-through handle
  • 2 access pockets
  • 4 attachment webbing loops
  • Dual gatekeepers for attachment to WANDRD products Accordion-style organization system
  • Dual pen/pencil loop
  • YKK weather-resistant zippers
  • Fleece-lined front pocket
  • Cable passthrough for charging devices

Technical Specifications (Large)

  • EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS – 9” X 3.5” X 6.25” (22.9 X 8.9 X 15.9 CM)
  • WEIGHT – 5.4 OZ (.15 KG)

The Wandrd Toiletry Bag

The Essential Camera Cube offers durable protection for a typical camera setup – one camera body, and 2-4 lenses. It is designed to fit perfectly in the bottom portion of the PRVKE or inside the HEXAD Access Duffel. It can also be used as standalone protection, or inside any other bag of your choice.

Toiletry Bag 1

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Key Features

  • Weather Resistant Materials
  • 2 quick-grab side handles
  • Secure grip pass-through handle
  • 2 access pockets
  • 4 attachment webbing loops
  • Dual gatekeepers for attachment to WANDRD products
  • Antimicrobial toothbrush Sleeve
  • Internal mesh and zippered pockets for organization

Technical Specifications (Large)

  • EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS – 9” X 3.5” X 6.25” (22.9 X 8.9 X 15.9 CM)
  • WEIGHT – 5.4OZ (.15KG)

But Wait, there’s more! WANDRD also designed an elegant Carry Strap that attaches to both the Tech Pouch and Toiletry Bag, creating a versatile line of sling/fanny pack style bags.

“Yeah, you’re probably thinking, “A carry strap for my Toiletry Bag? That’s weird.” You know, we thought it was kind of weird at first too, says Cope. “Until we used it camping, to carry our toiletries down to the lake to wash up. And at a hostel, to keep our toiletries securely attached to our chest and off the sketchy-ass countertop. Just try it — you’ll fall in love.”

Carry Strap

The Wandrd Carry Strap

The Carry Strap was designed to transform any of our 3 Tech Pouches or 2 Toiletry Bags into stand-alone sling or fanny pack gear carrying solutions. Made using non-banded nylon webbing, secure gate-keeper hardware, and a quick-release adjustable magnetic buckle the Carry Strap is durable, comfortable, and easy to use.

Key Features

  • Non-banded nylon seatbelt webbing
  • Adjustable magnetic buckle
  • Dual gatekeepers

Technical Specifications

  • EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS – 46″ X1″ (116.8 x 2.5 CM)
  • WEIGHT – 2OZ (.06KG)

What do you think WANDRD Bag owners? Would you pick these up to compliment your existing kits? Do you think they fit well with non WANDRD bags as well? We’ve put in a request to get hands-on with these kits, so expect a full review of them as soon as that happens in the next few weeks. Until then, let us know what you think (along with your questions to address in the review), in the comments below.

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