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‘Waldo’ Photo Sharing App Raises 5 Million


Waldo is a new photo sharing app for professional photographers that recently successfully raised 5 million in funding. The company was founded by the co-founders of Home Advisor and aims to make the process of helping people track down the photos others have taken, but hadn’t yet shared.

Using a Wedding for example; usually, a gallery is set up and shared with the bride and groom, and it is on them to link and share with wedding guests. Waldo hopes to make it easier for the GUESTS to get pictures taken of them, and the way it goes about it is interesting. They use a combination of facial, object, and pattern recognition, to match a photo taken at an event with a given individual and then sends that photo directly to the individual’s phone (assuming they are signed up with the service).

So, you may be wondering how this benefits the photographer? That part is up to interpretation. It seems that a big part of their strategy is partnering with larger scale events and businesses to basically offer the service for free. But as for smaller, professional photographers doing weddings or other events, the advantages of this service appear to be heading into ‘exposure’ territory.

What I mean by that is it looks like Waldo is pushing for sending/sharing the images with these guests for free, just a watermarked image, with the option to buy an unwatermarked version or product.  That concept on its own is not horrible I suppose, but I know that many photographers are likely to not be thrilled with that idea.

That said, using the wedding example again; the event has already been paid for – in theory. So from one perspective any additional sales and exposure that the app could bring to the photographer are added benefits, possibly leading to more bookings, etc.

I will be curious to see if this gets any traction in the greater photographer community. You can learn more about Waldo over on their website here.

MORE?! Olympus Full Frame Lens Patents


Three more recent lens patents from Olympus have been uncovered, all fast primes, and all designed for full frame sensors. We talked the other day about the rumor of Olympus possibly launching their own full frame system – a notion I was skeptical of.

But this changes things a little. One lens patent you can write off as R&D or whatever, but three (plus the previous one, making it four total) being discovered in such quick succession, is hard to ignore. I still don’t see why Olympus would launch their own system. They have a good thing going in Micro Four Thirds, and it would be odd to launch a new system like this all on their own.

That said (and this is just speculation on my part), what if this is some sort of partnership in the making? Similar to M 4/3…only utilizing a full frame sensor with a standardized mount? Sony owns the full frame mirrorless market currently, but that will only last so long. What if this is a play by Olympus (and others?) to get in on the FF mirrorless game without taking all the risk on their own?

Regardless, it is apparent that Olympus has something in the works, and it is supposedly coming AFTER the PEN-F is announced. I am VERY interested to see what they are cooking up.

Rumored D5 Firmware Update To Remove 4K Video Limit


One of the biggest complaints about the upcoming Nikon D5 after it was announced at CES earlier this month was the odd issue of a 3-minute 4K recording limit.

The D500, which was also announced at CES and featured 4K recording, was not limited to 3 minutes. In fact, it could shoot all the way up to the standard ~30 minute limit on today’s still/video hybrid cameras. That is what had many scratching their heads; if the significantly cheaper D500 could do it, why was the D5 limited to 3 minutes?

Well, we don’t have an answer for you, but whatever the issue was, Nikon has resolved it or decided it wasn’t that much of an issue at all. According to the latest Nikon rumor buzz, a new firmware will be launch shortly after the D5 is made available that will remove that 3 minute 4K video recording limit.

Those of you holding off on this purchase (eye roll) because of that limitation can now head on over to B&H to enter your D5 pre-order.

Sigma’s New Filter Price/Availability Set, Still Impressive


When Sigma announced their new ceramic protection filters, I was awestruck at how impressive these filters were. That said, it was one thing to see them and what they would do, without knowing any availability or pricing.

Well, those of you wondering about these new filters have to wait no longer, as official pricing and availability has been announced. Just as a quick refresher, here are the specs for these new filters from Sigma:

  • Clear Protection Filter
  • Prevents Damage to Lens
  • 1x Filter Factor, +0 Stop
  • 99.76% Transmittance
  • No Effect on Image
  • Clear Glass Ceramic Construction
  • Scratch- and Shock-Resistant
  • Water-Repellent Coating
  • 67-105mm Front Threads

The new filters are set to begin shipping within the next week or so, and can be had for a price ranging from $130 to $441. Not a cheap filter by any means, but given what they can protect against (see video below), I think it is safe to say that these are not your ordinary protection filters.

Interested in picking one up? You can find them over on B&H here.

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