Silly post titles aside, I actually think that this is pretty neat – if not incredibly narcissistic. You can now purchase toasters which burn our face into your morning toast, all you need is a selfie and $75.


The toaster, aptly called the “Selfie Toaster,” is a product of the Vermon Novelty Toaster Corporation. The process for creating the toaster is actually incredibly simple, all you need to do is send the company a selfie and they do the rest. After spending a short while in Photoshop on the image, making it more ideal for burning into your toast, the company uses a computer guided machine to cut a metal plate which serves as the basis for your toaster.

Its not exactly cheap at $75, but novelty items rarely are cheap, and for what it is worth, there are plenty of items in my kitchen that get less use than my toaster and cost more than $75 – so its not completely out of the realm of reality.

Image Courtesy of Mashable
Image Courtesy of Mashable

The real question I find myself asking here is, why on earth anyone would want to eat toast with their face on it every morning? I mean sure, the first couple pieces would probably be cool, but every day? After a while, it would just be normal toast, no? Now what would be really neat, and likely much more expensive, would be if you could change the image that it uses, so you could switch it up.

What could be really neat is if you could somehow use a process similar to this to get a couples favorite wedding photo done and put it in the toaster for them as a wedding gift. $75 isn’t bad for a gift to the bride and groom when they are paying you thousands of dollars to shoot the wedding. Just a thought.

If you are interested in one of these toasters you can head over to the company’s website to learn more and order your Selfie Toaster.


What are your thoughts on this? Besides selfies, and my wedding thought, what other cool novelty uses could use see this tech being used for from a photography standpoint? Leave a comment below!

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Image credit: Vermont Novelty Toaster Company