Should you have been an SLRLounger for a little bit, you may have noticed our fondness for Wacom tablets. Well, it’s not as if we’re alone there, as pretty much anyone who does any amount of post processing will likely love theirs too. There really is nothing that will evolve your retouching, and thus your photography, in terms of both speed and creativity like a pen tablet. There is no substitute.

We’ve reviewed a few models from the current Wacom Intuos line-up and both at opposite ends of the price and size spectrums. From the Large Wacom Intuos Pro (review here), to the small Intuos Pen & Touch (review here), these two cover the abilities of the line-up and user-base, and are worth looking into. Though we give them as much praise as is possible to bestow upon a piece of technical equipment, they are not infallible. There are little quirks, and errors that crop up from time to time, and mostly, are software related. While one of the ways to ensure the best functionality is to always make sure your software is up to date, sometimes it takes a little more than that.


For those of you using Apple hardware, which tends to be the majority of you, there are some particular issues that seem specific to Mac users. These errors are:

  • Menus, panels, or dialog boxes turn white and become unresponsive
  • Keyboard shortcuts stop working
  • Lasso tool selections close prematurely and unexpectedly
  • Photoshop becomes unresponsive

If you’ve had any of these issues, as I’ve had one, you know total frustration that ensues. There is, however, a relatively easy fix that should take you all of about a minute, reducing the urge you may have to set your computer on fire.

For this, you and I have prolific and often imitated photographer, Dani Diamond, to thank. In his most recent post on Fstoppers, Dani shares his own struggle with the issues mentioned above, and his fervent search for a solution that involved total reinstallation and even as far as getting a new tablet. All of this only to finally speak to Wacom who informed him that the problem was known, and provided him with the fix, which he shares, and you can find here. It’s a short plug-in that’s simple to install, and the link provided walks you through the process, and how to verify that it’s complete.

A snippet of Dani’s beautiful work from 500px (link below)

[REWIND: Intuos Pro – The Ultimate Retouching Tool Review]

So, thank you much Dani, and you guys can see the Dani’s post here. In the off chance that you’ve not seen Dani’s work, which is unlikely, it’s quite unique and worth your time to check out. You can see more from him, learn about his processes and how to connect with him on his Facebook, 500px, and his site. Great and inspiring stuff.

Source: FStoppers