Editing photos on a phone or tablet is always a precarious undertaking, especially when it is more than a phone photo you are trying to process. The ever popular photo editing app VSCO Cam recently made big strides in improving this process in their latest update.

vsco-copy-update In previous versions of the popular photo editing and sharing app, you would have to edit and process individual photos one by one, and if you wanted to have a series of images all have the same look, you would need to do each one by hand. Those days are over, with the addition of a simple copy & paste feature.

It is super easy to do now as well, simply process one image, then select it and click on the copy & paste button. Then, select the images you want to copy the editing to, and voila, you now have multiple images processed the same way, with the same look.

This very functionality is one of the reasons that I choose to process as many of my photos in Lightroom as possible. Being able to process one image, and then apply that edit to multiple images in a series is a huge time saver. Even if tweaks are needed on the subsequent images, it is still loads faster than doing the entire edit over again.

This new update is now available for both the iOS and Android versions of the app. Simply update your app through your respective app store and you are good to go! If you want to learn more about VSCO Cam, you can check out the app’s website¬†here.

[via VSCO Blog]