In the latest video from the team at Mango Street Labs, they challenge 3 other incredible photographers, (Eric Floberg, Irene Rudnyk, and Ebuka Mordi), to join them in a “Next Level” Self-Portrait Series!

The video gives you a unique look into the processes of four (five, if you include Daniel and me separately), photographers. All of the photos ended up being very unique, and it was really cool to gain insights into how everybody worked.

Go behind the scenes with each photographer to see how they went about the process, how & why they created the image they did, and the discussion / mini critique from each of them after each section. Also, be sure to leave a comment on the video/post to vote for your favorite!

So what do you think of these self-portraits? Are you a fan of doing them yourself? Would you prefer having someone else do your portraits if you _had_ to get them done? Who’s process is more similar to your own? Let us know in the comments below.

View more of the challengers work here;