Von Wong is known for his surreal, epic photoshoots and behind the scenes videos we showcase here on a regular basis. While some well known photographers might appear larger then life to fellow photographers, I’ve always seen Von Wong as just a normal guy with a big heart. He is truly a public figure in the world of photography, and besides his work, the one thing that has always impressed me about Von Wong is the love he has for his fans. Take a few minutes and check out the video below to see just how much Von Wong loves his fans, and is truly a great ambassador for photography.

Australian photographer Tyler Grace suffers from multiple chronic illnesses and has lived half his life in hospitals. When Tyler came across Von Wong’s work, it truly changed his life. Finding inspiration from Von Wong, Tyler decided to use photography as a creative outlet to conquer his illnesses and find his purpose in life. Tyler reached out to Von Wong via social media to thank him for all he has done to inspire Tyler.


Little did Tyler know, his sister had emailed Von Wong this year telling him Tyler’s one wish for his 21st birthday was to meet Von Wong in person, but without the funds to fly Von Wong to Australia, a 2 minute personalized video would mean the world to Tyler. Von Wong was in Singapore and decided this was a unique opportunity to make a dream come true. So he bought a plane ticket to Australia and decided to plan a week long adventure for him and Tyler together.


Von Wong made it one memorable adventure! He created an amazing image of Tyler and his sister trudging through mud to a brighter future that you see below, invited Tyler to be a guest speaker at one of Von Wong’s conferences he put together in Australia as part of the trip, and took Tyler to a rodeo. To cap it off, in true Von Wong style, he put together an awesome fashion photo shoot to show Tyler how he works in person and gave Tyler the chance to make some of his own images during the photo shoot.




Von Wong is a class act to take the time out of his busy schedule to visit Tyler for a week. It is a testament to who Von Wong is as a person. After seeing what he has done for Tyler, it goes to show he is much more than just a great photographer, he is a great person and at the end of the day, that means a lot more in the game of life.

You can read more about Von Wong’s time with Tyler over on his blog.

Via: vonwong.com

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