Behind the scenes videos are always great to watch because they let us take a peek into the inner workings or occasionally even the thought process behind a concept or shoot. While they are often fun to watch and hopefully educational, I get the idea in my head that these professional photographers, on large budget sets with lots of help and I can’t really relate. That’s the beauty behind DigitalRev’s Cheap Camera Challenge; its a bit of leveling the playing field. A brief summary of the concept if you haven’t seen the series before is to take a professional photographer, give them a cheap camera and see what they can come up with.

The latest to be challenged with the task of stepping out of their comfort zone is Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Vincent Laforet. A photojournalist who has shot for what seems like every big name publication out there, for more information on Vincent and to see all of his amazing work be sure to check out his blog.

Along with the video by DigitalRev, also found below, Vincent wrote an entry on his blog in which he details his experience with the challenge, where he was given a Canon A2E film camera with a Lens Baby due to the fact that Vincent is known for his tilt shift work. Vincent only received two rolls of film to work with and he describes the feeling of having to become much more selective and patient as well as the troubles associated with not being able to check an LCD on the back to make sure he got the shot he was looking for. Check out the video below and then head over to Vincent’s blog to read about his time with the challenge and his sort of life lesson he took away from the experience.

A Few of the Final Images by Vincent Laforet Taken on the Cheap Camera Challenge