Finding ways to monetize your indie filmmaking is always a problem, and it is always going to be a problem. But the guys over at Vimeo have taken some steps in evolving their Vimeo on Demand service making it even better for indie crews.


Vimeo On Demand, in case you were not aware of it, is Vimeo’s on video selling system. Previously you could only sell videos, which in its own right is huge. But today Vimeo announced that they have added some amazing new features to the service that makes it that much better. Those improvements include rentals, pre-ordering, and a much improved statistics monitoring system.

Vimeo On Demand really gives you the opportunity to create quality video content for viewers to enjoy. Now, with pre-orders, you can spend time while you are creating the film to market and promote the film via pre-ordering you can earn some much needed $$ during the process.

My Thoughts on these new Vimeo On Demand Features

I am really excited about these new features. I do not personally have any need for a service like this as my filmmaking mojo needs some work before I head down a road like this. But just the possibility of making a project and selling it or renting it for people to enjoy without feeling the need to upload to youtube and hope for some ad revenue is amazing. This gives you a viable way to monetize your video work without having to hope that some advertising cents get sent your way.

If you would like to learn more about these awesome new Vimeo On Demand features then head on over to Vimeo for more information.

What are your thoughts on these new Vimeo On Demand features? Do you see these being valid monetization methods for filmmakers or is this a dead end? Let us know in a comment below.