Video: The Many Ways a ‘Photographer’ Can Ruin a Wedding

July 8th 2014 6:15 PM

As a wedding photographer, one of our biggest complaints would be having to deal with an ‘Uncle Bob’ with his shiny new DSLR jumping in front of you for an important shot. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the vernacular, Uncle Bob refers to a wedding guest with nice photography equipment who means well, but often and unwittingly, gets in the way of the (paid) professional photographer at a wedding.


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I remember my very first wedding, before the ink was dry on my business license, Uncle Bob (literally an Uncle, though his name wasn’t Bob) followed us around the entire day, much to the ire of the bride. From the first look to the first dance, he took pictures on his point and shoot over my shoulder, under my arm, next to my assistant. Back then, it was popular to create a same day slideshow of some of the day’s images, and so, during the reception, I proudly put my little PC up next to the bar with a display of some of the best images of the day. Next thing I knew, Uncle Bob puts up his own MacBook right next to my laptop with his very own slideshow. I’m still not sure if I should laugh or be angry. But honestly, I don’t really mind Uncle Bobs too much.


That’s not to say that I don’t think the following video is hilarious because it’s so true. In the tongue-in-cheek video below, Toronto Star photographer Randy Risling, in a segment for their series MasterGlass, “shows many ways that photographers can ruin the intimate moments of a wedding.

If you’ve ever shot a wedding, you’ll understand (and hopefully chuckle) at the following video. It’s aimed more toward the wedding guest who is also a “photographer,” but nevertheless, enjoy.

[Via The Star]


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  1. Greg.jpg
    Greg Faulkner

    “Where there’s a job there’s an Uncle Bob” lol love it!

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  2. Erin Barr

    I learned so much! Pop it…. Drop it. I feel like I just took my abilities to the next level! funny

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  3. Peter-Jon Harding

    LOL. I had to chuckle because I share the writers pain

    | |
  4. Gabe Sanchez

    My team always jokes about this whenever we shoot. Where theres a job, theres an uncle Bob! This article was spot on!

    | |
  5. Selfie-ala-zarias-0001.jpg
    Anthony McFarlane

    Lol, I always make it a point to ask the mother of the bride to move over!

    At a wedding I shot in Feb there was a guest who did get up from the back of large church and walk down the isle with her new camera and was taking pictures next to the parents. AMAZING!

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  6. FB profile pix.jpg
    Herm Tjioe

    I need to try every one of those tips

    | |
  7. Shawn Williams.jpg
    Rieshawn Williams

    Good video!

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  8. foto.jpeg
    Clayton Gomes Costa

    Nice ! hahaha

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  9. nikky_strobist.jpg
    Nick Viton

    I went to a friend’s wedding last summer as a guest and intentionally left my gear at home, so as to not be an Uncle Bob.
    Later into the evening, once the reception started, the Photographer and his assistant stayed to shoot for maybe 15 minutes before calling it a day and leaving. Um, what? If I brought my stuff, I could have easily grabbed my gear from the car and captured an evening’s worth of great reception party images. Still kicking myself over that.

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    • _MG_1829.jpg
      James Matthews

      I have a friends wedding in a few months and I’m bringing my gear solely for that reason!

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    • _MG_1829.jpg
      James Matthews

      My wedding is coming up in September and we have given firm instructions for our celebrant to announce at the start of the ceremony that nobody is to jump out in the aisle at any time, walk around or get in the way of the paid photographers!

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  10. IMG_87522.jpg

    Hahaha so true and educative am now confused

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  11. _DSC2161 als Smahrtobjekt-1.jpg
    Paul Faecks

    Hilarious :)

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  12. Tom Bogan

    Yeah, I have had aunt Nilly show up at the engagement session with the mom ( unbeknownst to the bride). Now that was funny, I don’t care who you are, but very sad for the couple.

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  13. 11173616975_4e720c90cc_o.jpg
    Geoffrey Van Meirvenne

    I am sure every family has an uncle or aunt who does that :)

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  14. IMG_20140606_092245.jpg
    Martin Kimpel

    Yeah! Now I know where I can find my Beep function.

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  15. IMG_20130615_191527.jpg
    Ji Hoon Heo

    This is great. Sad to say i saw it happen many times during a wedding.

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  16. DSLR Lounge Avatar.jpg
    Tyler Friesen

    Very nice hahaha

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  17. 1052521_10151548556377620_545932398_o.jpg
    Timothy Nguyen

    One of the biggest reason why I am a total misanthropist.

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  18. Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.26.03 AM.png
    Justin Lin

    Super interesting article

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  19. 1377794656_Mo-Farah-Running-Away-From-Things-01.jpg
    Ben Perrin

    Wow, put his slideshow up next to yours. I’ve never heard of someone doing that. What did you say to him?

    | |
    • 229984_3690328329875_1371200010_n.jpg

      I didn’t say anything. It was my first wedding and I was just kind of shocked speechless. I did manage to take an iPhone pic of it so I could show people the audacity. Haha

      | |
    • 1377794656_Mo-Farah-Running-Away-From-Things-01.jpg
      Ben Perrin

      You could’ve used it for marketing purposes now that I think about it. “Hey everyone, here’s a great example of professional images vs amateur”!

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